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Inside The Cage - Rave Review From The Stage

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"Christmas Eve. A chatty charming bloke engages the audience. There's a whiff of a classic whodunit in Jack's polished tones, artfully withholding information, subtly tantalising. Sure enough, a revolver appears in his hand. Loaded. But as Jack reassuringly purrs, we can trust him. Can we?"

And then further nice things like; "Writer Dugald Bruce-Lockhart gives his protagonists enough razor-sharp dialogue to consistently turn things on their emotional head, conspiring to break down the wall with the audience, in the process making us unsettlingly complicit in what transpires."

And also; "As the manipulative Jack, Bruce-Lockhart unnervingly merges affable public school veneer with the seething venom that drives him, while Penelope Rawlins is compelling as the intelligent ex who left him behind at the altar and is now desperate to move on. John Sackville neatly encapsulates the dilemma of the best friend caught up in it all."

And then; "Richard Baron’s strong direction and this ripping cast carry things off with panache."

To be fair there were two lines in this otherwise fantastic review that suggested the play was not quite fully realised yet but if you go to The Stage and check out the review you'll agree that he clearly loved it and was riveted. And we can all leave room for a little improvement - let he who can't, cast the first stone etc...

Thank you The Stage.

The audience were fantastic today, the numbers keep growing and I am continually getting stopped in the street. The word is on the street.

Come and see it. Commit. Don't miss out.



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