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Inside The Cage - Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear!

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Have you noticed that rather oddly there appears to be a few stars missing off The Cage review above? Try hitting the refresh button, restart you computer or, is this just human error?

5 Stars, 4 Stars and even a cheeky little two stars to boot. Great! The audience - I have to say - are falling for this all over town. It doesn't fit into a nice tidy box - but then neither does life. Chekhov found this when he first launched The Seagull. But you'd better believe it - this play is here to stay.

Let me put this another way... A man goes to a restaurant and he really wants fish. But when he gets there the waiter tells him they've just run out. So he orders chicken. The chicken comes. It looks good. Tastes even better. It's possibly the best chicken he's ever had. He eats it up. Devours the whole thing down to the bones and then sucks the bones dry. But at the end of the meal he goes home grumpy. Why? Because at the end of the day they still gave him chicken when he really wanted fish.

Sorry mate.

I keep getting emails from amazed and knocked-out punters - in the business and non professionals alike - they can't get enough. And funny there's been mention of the two act version - I already have it... it's being tweaked as we speak...

So - for the most intense 55 mins of your festival come to The Cage. Don't be the ones who never experienced it.


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