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Five Reasons to See ... The Dirty Immigrant Collective

The Dirty Immigrant Collective is an American stand-up show featuring "phenomenal comedians of the immigrant, minority or otherwise outcast variety". Here, Negin Farsad gives us five reasons to go along...

1. There’s a saying, that when a Muslim and a Jew share a stage, a terrorist loses its wings. You clearly don’t want to miss that. Muslims and Jews are all over this show, working together on punch lines of mass destruction, with the sole goal of obliterating the audience… and all of those pesky terrorists’ wings. It’s quite an experience.

2. Because you love the idea of reverse world. That’s right, the white guys in this show are the “tokens” - in reverse world, immigranty/ethnicy comics are the norm and the white guy is weird and unusual.

3. Because you’re a Dirty Immigrant too! If you’ve ever eaten a strange animal for dinner, speak a relatively useless second language, or have exasperating conversations with your parents on how to operate “the Internet” then you might be a Dirty Immigrant. If so, this show will speak directly to your soul! If you’re not a Dirty Immigrant, no worries, you’ll still find a lot to laugh at because, admittedly, some of the animals the dirty immis eat are really hilarious.

4. Because you wanna see some darned good American talent. This show has shipped some of the best comics from New York City directly to your Edinburghian doorstep. Negin Farsad, Desiree Burch, Katie Halper, Lee Camp, and Becky Donohue have all appeared on US television from MTV to Comedy Central to Showtime. In short, they’re good.

5. Because you can confirm all your sneaking suspicions about those pesky Americans and how they handle their multi-ethnic society. The States have probably the biggest and most racially charged melting pot in the world. These Dirty Immigrants are a product of that - have they come out of it unscathed? Well, judge for yourself.

The Dirty Immigrant Collective is running at Voodoo Rooms Ballroom, 9-27 August at 22:30 as part of the Free Fringe.


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