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Five Reasons to See… Opera Larks’ Are We There Yet?

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1. Is it because of the great plot?

Would-be divas Donna Wannabe (Diana Sharp) and Katherine Withakay (Dawn Foxall) are flying cattle class when their flight runs into bad weather across the Irish Sea and they're forced to land. Diversions take them across Europe where they dance at the Moulin Rouge, seduce a gorgeous Spaniard, play footie in Milan and narrowly escape the KGB. Fortunately they're in the steady hands of Captain Ralf Dingo (AKA David Barnard, accompanist) who knows what to do at 30,000 feet when the engines fail – hold on to your seats and down the vodka!

2. Is it because the show received great critical praise at the Fringe last year?

The Scotsman described it as ‘great fun’ and gave it 3 stars. Three Weeks said ‘This performance is truly hilarious’ and gave it 4 stars. Come and experience it for yourself to find out why.

3. Is it because it's got great music from musicals and opera performed by three fabulous musicians?

Dawn Foxall (mezzo soprano) and Diana Sharp (soprano) are two sassy, mischievous girls with fabulous, classically-trained voices who fuse music and comedy into innovative and hugely entertaining performances. Dawn has recorded songs on Sony's Chillout series with saxophonist and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Julian Smith, while Diana has won national competitions and toured with Opera Companies. The Opera Larks perform with David Barnard, accompanist extraordinaire, who has recorded for the BBC and works across the globe.

4. Is it because it's an entirely original show?

Conceived by the girls, MD’d by David Barnard and directed by Dan March (www.therealmacguffins.com) Are We There Yet? is an opera-musical sketch show which blends some seriously fabulous musical numbers, irreverently put together to great comic effect.

5. Is it the fact that it's free as part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival?

The other reasons may well inspire you to come, but it's more the fact that the audiences throughout England will be an ugly shade of green knowing that you got in for free when they had to pay.

Opera Larks’ production Are We There Yet? is playing at the Laughing Horse at the Counting House from 22 to 29 August at 18:15


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