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Five Reasons to See ... Being Gorgeous

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Comedy duo The Tina Marinas are all about Being Gorgeous. On a mission to make the world an altogether more gorgeous place, The Tina Marinas talk about the important things in life - shopping, clubbing, sex, as well as feeling, being and looking gorgeous. This is why they think you should come and see the show.

1. We’re gorgeous!
Our eyes are baby blue
We stick our lashes on with glue
We get our nails done every week
Shocking pink with a silver streak!

2. After 50 minutes with us, you’ll look and feel more gorgeous than ever before!
We are on a mission to make the world a much more gorgeous place
We’ll make you feel fabulous, we’ll make you look ace
We’ll take you through our 4 step plan
It’s easy to follow, whether you’re a woman or a man!

3. You’ll never look at women of a certain age in the same way again!
We dress a little younger than we probably should
We show off more flesh than Kate Middleton would
Like most people our age we are young at heart
We have a great life and we’re actually quite smart

4. We know how to have fun and you can too!
Life’s about being happy, about feeling good
It’s important to know that and everybody should
We like shopping and clubbing, karaoke and sex
And chatting up fellas with rather large pecs

5. Our comedy is performed with rhythmic precision and choreography that Arlene Phillips would be proud of.
We talk in rhyme, which suits us just fine
We perform with style and have a lovely smile
We’d love to meet you, so give us a go
Come on everybody see The TinaMarinas show!

Being Gorgeous is on at the Laughing Horse Free Festival @ Espionage Lizard Lounge from 4-20 August at 21.00.


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