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Five Reasons to See ... Bad Bread: TV Times

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Award winning comedy troupe Bad Bread are back at the Fringe for another year. Taking a look at life on the small screen they bring fast pace comedy and eclectic sketches to Edinburgh. Here's why the guys think you should come and see their show TV Times.

1) Cheaper than a TV license –
A TV license costs in the region of £500 (£145.50) while a ticket to see BAD BREAD: TV Times costs between £8.50 and £10.50, and so even if you came to see the show at peaks times, you’d still be saving yourself £489.50 (£135). The cynical amongst you might imagine that a TV License provides more value for money than a one-off ticket to our show… but once you factor out all the rubbish on TV (I’m talking Dick and Dom in the Bedsit , Loose Women and anything with Vanessa Feltz) our offer begins to look a whole lot more attractive (certainly more attractive than Vanessa Feltz).

2) Bigger than a TV -
The average TV in the UK is 32 inches – between them Bad Bread measure 215 inches in height and 94 inches around the waist, so again, you’re getting more for your money. There’s no thick instruction manual, and you don’t have to plug any cables into them (unless you want to). Also if the sound quality is coming out fuzzy, just shout at them, you won’t need to call the customer helpline.

3) It’s in 3D –
Those funny cinema 3-D glasses don’t suit anyone, and so Bad Bread are embracing the very latest technology and have made a fully 3-D show without any need to wear the 3-D specs. They’re also in HD, dependent on how close to the front you sit (get there early for full High Definition).

4) You can SkyPlus it –
Ok, so you can’t ACTUALLY SkyPlus the show, but if you enjoyed it you can come back tomorrow and watch it all again (on payment of a small (full) ticket price). Which is better than SkyPlus in a way because it’s live…this really is On Demand theatre (entertainment whenever you want it – 5.45 everyday).

5) We won’t make your eyes go square –
Everyone knows watching TV makes your eyes go square… but it’s a little known fact that sketch shows make your eyes prettier, and watching Bad Bread has often had the effect to make people live up to 50% longer (can it really be a coincidence that not one person has died during a performance to date?).

Bad Bread: TV Times runs at the Underbelly Cowgate, 17.45, from 4-28 August.


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