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First Weekend... Check!

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Hello world,

I woke up this morning in my darkened pit of a room, glitter still in tact from the gig last night albeit in an exact replica of my face on the pillow, pumping headache of doom and realized I had survived my first festival weekend. I called out for my ever-suffering producer… is it Thursday? IS IT THURSDAY!! (I have a friend coming on this day). She bustled into my room and angrily said… its Tuesday. Bryony, its Tuesday. We have the Guardian in tonight, sort yourself out!

Now I am not actually hung-over, I have not been going too mad simply because of the show and the neck strain I am operating under but I just stayed out until the wee hours so much this weekend I had forgotten what it was like to be diurnal. The Scottish sun is shining outside of my window and it is time to crack on… but not before I share some gems with you…

So I watched 5 shows thus far and have been very happy with 3. Doctor Brown at Underbelly. Amazing performer and winner of my slapping of an audience member and getting away with it award. Greg Maclaren at Zoo Southside. Best ancient dance technique and use of a midi board Award for him. And Aisle 16 R Kool at Banshee Labyrinth (FREE!) which win the 3 white middle class boys having a cool competition and being so nerdy that they do full circle past geek and back round to cool Award. Great poets having a very polite fight.

I attended some nice bars and clubs but my fave times thus far have been gyrating with the lovely little boys at Planet Out on Friday night, the private karaoke booth (with man who personally serves you drinks!) at Electric Circus last night at Fest’s opening party and the Assembly Club Bar for performers and industry types… sounds horrid but is awash with lovely old sofa’s and massive light fixture and is in the shell of a car park (god I sound very Shoreditch all of a sudden sorry!). Now its passes only to get in, so you may have to mug a performer, but select one who needs some press and everyone’s a winner! The Hendricks G&T’s have cucumber, as they always should but some people have no clue and they sell Prosecco by the glass. NICE.

This week I am focusing my attention on dance, after the Shimmy has come out and I am now well versed with the entire dance offer at the fest. I want to see Jack Webb at Dance Base, Forgetting Natasha and State of Flux.

Now if you don’t mind I am planning a dinner party menu for my first night off and hand selecting my guest list and the all-important dress code! Just call me Mrs. Bucket and punch me in the face if you see me swanning around with table cloth swatches, sometimes these obsessions all get a bit too much.

Watch out for me on BBC One News tonight at 6:30 sporting a rather bright lipstick and talking about my show.

Big love going out to my Hackney massive, I hope the streets aren’t too mean and the police can keep the area under control.

Scary stuff, stay safe London.

Bryony xxx


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