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Final Stretch

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Afternoon Festival Fiends. It is the home stretch of this epic and wonderful festival and I for one am eager to hang up my dancing shoes and get back to good old Cambridgeshire for a quick play with the dog and a massive sleep. But boy hasn't it been a lovely time. With the final week being all about the parties I am gearing up for an epic finale.

My little old show was selected by the British Council as one of their recommended shows for the week, to accompany the showcase programme. I had some lovely ladies in last night from the delegation and they danced pretty hard with me at the end of the show so its seems to be going well. The closing party is on Saturday night and notoriously jolly. I am off to the Total Theatre Awards Ceremony tonight, keeping my fingers crossed for Dr Brown, my friend and current art-fave, but thats before my show so not going too crazy. Then a lovely garden party on Sunday which is such a treat, hope the weather behaves, and hope Little Bulb are playing their wonderful music again!

So this week I went to see Pyjama Men and loved them, if they haven't sold out then get a hot ticket. They are in the west end all the way through Jan and Feb 2012, so if you miss them here then get on down to London in the new year. Everything else I saw I HATED, and I am sworn of theatre that I don't know enough about, or someone who I hardly know tells me to go and see. I have still got John Peel's Shed on my list, along with Hannah Ringhams show at SummerHall and The Little Bulb Goose Show. I would also really like to see The Oh F**k Moment and Alma Mater but think those shows are full now. Booooo Hisss

I found a lovely shop called Edinburgh Fabrics on Nicholson Street, with amazing cloth and out of this world trinkets and bits to sew on things, I filled a bag for my costume designer as he loves a good trinket! I also had a rather delicious meal at the Missoni Hotel and a good old drink up at Cabaret Voltaire which is HOT but lovely, especially when its a free drink party full of hilarious comedians!

I am going to sleep now, to conserve energy like a bear might. I am one tired sparkle covered lady.

Bry x


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