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Hey Rat Fans. Miss Bryony Kimmings here. Welcome to my blog!

I am a performance artist and I am taking my work, 7 Day Drunk, up to this years festival with thanks to the fine folks at Soho Theatre and the Junction. Ya'll can find me at Assembly George Square on most days slogging my guts out for a pretty penny. Crumbs. Its my second Edinburgh and I am feeling exhausted before its even begun. (I won’t bang on about my show on every post – follow it here www.bryonykimmings.com. Done)

Right now I am in the main space at Soho Theatre (blogging instead of writing the final draft of my show! shhhhhh) I am onstage with various office items as I am sharing the stage with the Mongrel Island set today... my pink glitter tranny heels and cuddly toys are jarring against the grim office decor something chronic. I am busy figuring out the 'logic' to my show... in theatre terms I guess I mean narrative but that's a terrifying word to me... so we'll stick with 'logic'.

Tomorrow I am showing my show to a select few people here and I want it to be dead good, but coffees, cigarettes, facebook, text messages and other such like are so much more appealing right now. Official head-in-sand moment happening! After these gripes I am off home to compress 27 individually selected, pawed over and colour coordinated outfits into one tiny, train worthy suitcase... good times.

So a little about what I am aim to do for whatsonstage.com this summer. Well I pitched to write a blog from the late night quarter I guess. I am one of those god-awful cabaret ladies as well as a gal that makes theatre, so my festival is very much a nocturnal one...

I plan to delve deep into the underbelly of the fringe beast and come out into sunlight bearing gory tales a plenty, accompanied by some nice lomo pictures (lomography is one of my hobbies, Google it!) and stacks of advice on where to go if you are into sweat dribbling down walls and waking up with balloons tied to your shoelaces and a kazoo hanging out your north and south (mouth for those of you who don't do Cockney).

So back to the scribbling and head scratching for me. Hey, nice to e-meet you... see you up at the festival. I'll be the one with the mouth full of tatties and a giant hip flask tucked in my purpose-built kilt.

Peas and gravy
Bryony x

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