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Edinburgh Moments: Joe Bor's Weirdest Venue

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Joe Bor shares his struggle to get a six pack before the age of 30 in his new Edinburgh festival show In Search of the Six Pack. Currently doing TV warm up for The Graham Norton show, this award winning comedian shares the story of a challenging gig on the road.

I did a gig on a bus once at The Edinburgh Festival. Most of the Scots that were on the bus were just there to get a lift home, so i'm sure they found it a bit odd. It was a tough one. I was trying to tell stories while I could hear people say “Oh look, there’s the castle”. I had some strange heckles like “Are you the bus conductor?” and “Is this bus stopping at Leith?” They seemed more interested with what was going on outside the bus. Usually when you do a gig you’re not fighting for attention with the architecture outside the venue.

The lighting wasn’t ideal and it was a bumpy ride, so I fell over a bit, to the amusement of the ‘crowd’. I spent most of the ‘gig’ holding onto a seat. I’ve had some tough gigs, but not many where I’ve had problems trying to stay upright. It felt like the longest bus journey ever, and we seemed to be stuck in traffic for the whole journey. The bus driver clearly didn’t like me as he was driving as slow as he possibly could. I had to get the bus home, when I got on I recognized some people from the ‘gig’. It was an awkward journey back to the flat.

I haven’t done a gig on a bus since, and I probably wont be doing one for a while. It was being filmed for the internet, I haven’t found the footage, which is probably for the best.

Joe Bor: In Search of the Six Pack runs from the 4-28 August (excl 18) at 17.00 at Just The Tonic at The Tron.


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