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Hello all,
Well the Fringe is hurtling towards us, and I have four days before I head up there and I am getting pretty excited. This week I took off from my home in Sheffield, and visited Birmingham (or Brum as my other half refers to it). This is an important time for the production team
, as this is the time we don't see each other, or even really talk before we go up. You see spending every moment of everyday with a group of people can sometimes be a bit stressful, even when you have the best team in the world. So that is why me, Jo, and Simon (my director), have each gone to different cities in Britain for a few days. In the mean time we continue to work on the show, but independently, ready to pool our ideas together for the last few meetings before we head up. It also gives us the chance to get other things sorted. For me that was getting new glasses, and some new clothes for Edinburgh.

So it is all shaping up nicely. The show is still having amendments made to it, to ensure it is the best it can be, whilst I am taking time to make a list of all the performers I want to see whilst up there. Whilst I am up at the Fringe I'll be posting about shows I've seen to give you guys a heads up.

For those of you following closely also, I promise the Smith puzzle WILL go live shortly. We've been having some technical problems with it, but my tech team (comprised of one man) are working round the clock to fix it in time. In the meantime here is a video of a Shrimp running on a treadmill, because really, what more do you need in life?

Until next time my friends,

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