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Gazing up in to the balcony seating in the Nightclub venue at the Gilded Balloon (um, why yes, we do have a balcony), it occurs to me there are a lot of people at this show.  There are, in fact, so many people at this show that our intrepid assistant director Dylan has been forced to experience the Oxford Imps Radio Play, as he hides backstage for lack of seats within sight of the stage.  This is the first of (hopefully a great deal of) sold out Imps shows.  Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much!  It was smashing.

It would appear that our constant presence on the mile is paying off!  I have found my chosen technique, as all imps eventually develop a tagline that makes them both endearing and attractive (we don't really need taglines to look attractive, but it ups the ante) to the meandering, sometimes initially uninterested punters.  I have seen enough superhero movies in my time to understand the Home sapiens innate attraction to power.  I therefore propose to passers by that they enjoy a show in which they are in charge.  To watch their faces go from disbelieving to slightly confused to generally intrigued to the glassy-eyed look of a man thinking "My first order of the day will be!" is enjoyable whether I can get them to a show or not.

We're not just running into punters on the mile though.  Old friends the Oxford Revue are out and about, Cambridgians are canvassing the streets, and some ex-imps are running around promoting an absolute cavalcade of comedy.  Some of it I have seen, enjoyed, laughed heartily at (I even got to interpretive dance my way through one of them) and the others I plan on seeing soon.  You should too.

The presence of so many jazzcat friends in this most hip-happening place means good times for all.  In the flats, on the streets, on the beaches... here's hoping it doesn't come to 'in the trenches'.  Anyway, the point is it's been a good Edinburgh so far, with friends old and new, glorious comedy, people in balconies (I'm still pretty jazzed about that balcony), and general merriment!

Check us out for a long time (to put long in perspective, we're around till August 29th) at the Gilded Balloon.  Find us in the streets, cause we're always up for some witty repartee, or even plain chat if you feel the weather needs a mention (musings on the state of the road also acceptable).

Erin (the one who overenthusiastically uses brackets)

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