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We've had some nice reviews for Skittles and sold out the last few days, so I'm able to see some other shows.  I went to see Allotment, which takes place here, on the director's allotment:

It’s a beautiful piece.  You get given a scone and jam and mug of tea when you arrive, then a great show.  Just sitting in the allotments (a short walk out of town near Inverleith) is a wonderful break from the ticket stubs and plastic pints of the fringe.

On the way back, we walked past some swans.

A friend of mine, Jamie Douglas used to do this joke:

A male swan can break a female swan’s neck with one blow of his wing.
A female swan can break a male swan’s heart with just a look.

He gave up stand-up.  I wish he hadn’t.

STOP PRESS: Jamie has informed me I've got this wrong.  It wasn't his joke, just a favourite joke of his.  The joke was in fact Harry Hill's.  Sorry, Harry.


We then passed some ducks.  They can tuck their heads into their own feathery necks, which would come in handy on the Royal Mile.


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