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Well it took longer than I was hoping, but here is my next blog. We managed to break the little internet we had in the flat, but it's back now so all is right with the world. It's been a crazy few days. Saw quite a few shows, including 'Showstoppers: The improvised musical' which was phenomenally good. Mind blowing. The ability to improvise an hour long musical is a talent that is truly amazing. I have been doing notes on the show in preparation for it starting on the 18th, but more importantly I am getting ready for my birthday on the 16th. It's my 21st, so I am feeling pretty old! I am looking for a nice restaurant to have a birthday meal in, so any suggestions on the back of a postcard (or just in the comment box below...)

I keep meaning to post some pictures, but I am using Jo's netbook, and have yet to figure out how to get pictures on it. I'm not very good at technology you see. Other than that I am loving just spending time on the mile. I love the energy of it all, seeing all the variety of acts selling their shows. I even met a friend of mine, Steph, on the mile whilst she was dressed as a Zombie. She works at the Edinburgh Dungeons, and says she loves the festival time because she can walk around during her lunch break without taking off her make-up and no one takes a second look. Great times for artists and the undead alike.

Tonight however rather than seeing shows Jo and I have met up with some of the improv troupe I direct and are resting whilst watching movies. The first movie that has been selected by everyone but Jo and me is 'Bloodfist II'. We're about 10 minutes in, and I can truly say it's one of the worst movies ever made. I suppose I'll watch the rest, but first I might go make popcorn and attempt to switch my brain off before I absorb anymore of Bloodfist. I WILL blog tomorrow, so speak again tomorrow.


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