I Infinite

This dance installation
by Tom Dale Company is a fascinating piece of work that pitches real against
virtual and organic against robotic in order to find the grey areas in which
these definitions blur.

Set inside an entirely
white space, the audience wear long grey robes and are free to wander the space
as they please. There is only one performer (Maria Olga Palliani) and the joy of this piece is to be found in the
interplay between dancer, audience and the constantly changing digital
projections that cover the space.

The piece looks at what
happens when we treat the virtual as tangible and, as walls made of light slice
through the space, the audience can’t resist putting their hands into these
nonexistent boundaries as though there might be something to grab hold of.

This relationship between
the performer and the projected environment is immaculate and by allowing the
audience to wander, each individual is free to choose their own viewpoint and
take what they want from this enchanting piece.