63 of the most eye-catching show titles at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We looked through the brochure so you don’t have to

The programme for the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe has been published, featuring over 3,000 shows for the first time in its history.

This year will see 50,771 performances of 3,193 shows in 299 venues across Scotland's capital.

With so many shows, how do you pick what to see? Favourite actors/comedians? Favourite plays? Favourite venues? Or just because they have an awesome name.

Whilst we put together our official picks of the Edinburgh Festival (coming very soon), we take a cheeky look at some of the best show titles that caught our eye:

1. 15% of The Seagull (Theatre)

2. 21 Things You Should Know About Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor (Theatre)

3. A Bridge over Toddled Warder (Comedy)

4. A Brief History of Scotland – We Done Loads! (Theatre)

5. A Controversial Title In Order To Sell Tickets (Comedy)

6. Al Murray – One Man, One Guvnor (Comedy)

7. Alfie Brown – Divorced From Reality (and My Wife) – (Comedy)

8. And the Goat Remained a Goat (Cabaret)

9. Andy Field is a Giddy Manchild (Comedy)

10. Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues (Comedy)

11. Another Name for Thesaurus (Comedy)

12. Anything's Better Than These C**nts (Comedy)

13. Atella the Pun (Comedy)

14. Billie was Tap Dancing for the Seagulls (Comedy)

15. Billy's Birthday Bash: Let's Party Like It's 1564! (Children's)

16. Booze, Bombs and Haggis (Comedy)

17. Chris Martin: Responsibiliness (Comedy)

18. Come Heckle Christ (Comedy)

19. Conversations with Boring, Ugly People (Theatre)

20. Craig Campbell: Thrilling Mic Hunt (Comedy)

21. Dan Nightingale is Trying His Best Not to Be a Dick (Comedy)

22. Dr Professor Neal Portenza Performs His Own Autopsy Live On Stage. One Night Only. (Obviously). (Comedy)

23. Ernest; or Much Ado About Muffins (Musical)

24. God Is in My Typewriter (Theatre)

25. Guns Don’t Kill People, Rabbits With Batteries Do (Comedy)

26. Hardeep Singh Kohli: Hardeep is Your Love (Comedy)

27. He Had Hairy Hands (Theatre)

28. I'm Not Pale, I'm Dead (Theatre)

29. Japanese Samurai Don Quixote Challenging Giant English Windmills! (Comedy)

30. Joel Dommett: Finding Emo (Comedy)

31. Lead Pencil: In Full HB (Comedy)

32. Let's Talk About Sketch Baby (Comedy)

33. Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho (Theatre)

34. Mean Things I Did to My Sister (And Other Lessons I've Learned) – (Comedy)

35. Nando's and Nandon'ts: A Musical (Musical)

36. No More Mr Rice Guy (Comedy)

37. Nymphonerdiac (Comedy)

38. One Dissection: That's What Makes You Surgical (Music)

39. One Foot in the Gays (Comedy)

40. Paul Savage Finds Every Joke in the Bible (Comedy)

41. Rants, Bantz and Comas (Theatre)

42. Referendum and Dumber (Comedy)

43. Sam Simmons: Death of a Sails-man (Comedy)

44. Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare (Comedy)

45. Shakespeare, His Wife and the Dog (Theatre)

46. Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth (Theatre)

47. Shakespeare's Villains (Theatre)

48. Shappi Khorsandi: Because I'm Shappi… (Comedy)

49. Sophie Wu is Minging, She Looks Like She Is Dead (Theatre)

50. Testiculating (Waving Your Arms Talking B*ll*cks) (Comedy)

51. The Accidentals: 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain't One (Music)

52. The Curious Case of the Improvised Musical (Children's)

53. The Curious Incident of the Frog in My Sightline (Theatre)

54. The I Hate Children Children's Show (Children's)

55. The Mangina Funalogs (Comedy)

56. The One-Eyed Men's Cult of Lactos (Comedy)

57. The Ruffitybuffs (Children's)

58. The Sons of Pitches: Boiler Alert! (Cabaret)

59. Tim Vine: Timtiminee Timtiminee Tim Tim To You (Comedy)

60. Tina T'urner Tea Lady (Cabaret)

61. Tom Rosenthal: Meme, Myself and I (Comedy)

62. Who's Afraid of Michael Gove? (Theatre)

63. Winter of Our Discotheque (Theatre)