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Five reasons to see... The DIY Nativity

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1.  Because YOU make the show happen.
The DIY Nativity
is a hair-brained user-generated family escapade. We wanted to make a show like much of our solo work – we wanted it to be family friendly but experimental and outrageous at the same time.

This meant that meaningful, enjoyable, boundary-pushing participation was essential. All the family get involved, all those from four up to 104. Think The Generation Game mixed with Jackanory and Top of the Pops – and you are half-way there.

2.  Because the sound design concept is presently called Little Donkey Computer Game Rave.
We wanted the music to be familiar but also to be exciting, new, funny and original. Sam is a music whizz and Stu is beautiful at loop pedals and of course as anyone who has seen my previous shows will know, I love a good rave tune or party on stage, so it made sense to give it our own stamp.

You will go from listening to Mariah Carey to the inside of Santa's reindeer's tummy and back (but not Maria Carey in a reindeer's tummy!). Plus, the people in the audience will help us make music too.

3.  Because it features Sam Halmarack of Miserablites fame and Stuart Bowden ,the singing tiger from Dr Brown's kids' show.
These two are amazing in their own solo careers and it felt very exciting to bring together three very different performers who yet share a very similar sense of humour and fun. Sam and Stu's shows were my favourites of last year... so having the chance to snatch and grab them was such a plus for this commission!

4. My costumes look like a kid vomited Christmas all over them.
Now I love a good costume as you all know, but this show goes one step further. Dressing up and Christmas were big in my house... the amount of costume changes has to be ridiculous. I thus far have nine wigs and nine pairs of shoes... but I think I may need to let a few go – it's getting out of control. I dress the boys and the audience up too!

5.  Oh! and last but not least because God is going to have a fight with Father Christmas!
Look, it's okay! It's nothing awful... just a good old-fashioned wrestling match. If you like things a bit outrageous then come to this show! It's very much about people having different interpretations on what Christmas should and can be... so there is a lot of fighting in the show. Like all good Christmases should have.

The DIY Nativity by Bryony Kimmings is at The Junction, Cambridge from 4 to 30 December. The running-time is one hour and performance times vary. There are special over 16-only shows on 12 and 19 December.


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