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Enter stage left... A Wicked Fairy (The Sleeping Beauty, Tunbridge Wells)

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How unpleasant can you make her?
I hadn't started rehearsing yet when you asked me this, so I'm not sure how unpleasant I will be allowed to make her. I definitely want to be scary – but maybe not so much as to make the very little ones cry! I have already been working on the make-up ,as the look will be a big part of how scary she is.

Do you model her on someone – in fiction or in real-life?
The role model will be an amalgam of all the witches, evil step-mothers and the like who were in the fairy-story books that I loved to read when I was growing up. I had one book with the most fantastic drawings that I can remember to this day.

How important is it that the audience believes in her wickedness?
I think it's vital that the audience believes in her wickedness. Other than a few dancing ghouls, Demonia is the sole representative of evil in the show. Without her there would be no contrast, no fun! She needs to make an impact with her evilness.

Does she have any redeeming features?
Well .... let's see. She's got a sense of humour! It may be warped but at least she's got one!

Do you think that she has any genuine motivation for her evil?
Evil to her is what goodness is to everyone else. Without it, she would be nothing. It's how she functions, take it away and what would be left? On top of that, she obviously had a very tough upbringing! Revenge is sweet.

Have you played the part before? If so, how have you changed it, and why?
I have never played this role before. Indeed, I’ve never done a panto before! This will be my first role of pure unadulterated evil! I can't wait! Ahaaahaha!!!


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