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Mogadishu (Tour - Newcastle)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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The many advertisements I saw before seeing Mogadishu all said the same thing “The play of the year? Quite possibly”. Now this quote was from the Daily Telegraph no less. But the thing with quotes is very often they’re taken out of context. But not this time, for this is a play that honestly lives up to the hype.

Outrage, annoyance, humour and a deep understanding of the themes in the play, were all feelings I experienced while engrossed in this assault at the theatre.

It has reminiscences of Rattigan’s The Winslow Boy, although there the similarities end. There is a nod to Shakespeare, well I know my Shakespeare…..no longer does it scare me! Although I was perplexed with some of tonight’s language! I’m just so not ‘street’.

The premise is a student does a bad thing, and lies to get out of the situation. Many more lies are told, friends are cajoled or bullied to back up the lie, it all escalates out of control. Life for all involved have their lives changed beyond recognition.

A very witty script that challenges a broad range of age groups in the audience, through the thought-provoking material and humour that is at times very near the knuckle.

A brilliant cast of twelve bring the story to its climax and each character is played with warmth, sympathy and empathy. A real ensemble, in the truest sense of the word. Directed by Mathew Dunster, who brings a disturbing yet youthful freshness to the material, that is both raw and in yer face; inn’it.

The props team need a mention, the food and drink that is consumed must take hours to prepare for the stage, but the hard work that goes on back-stage doesn’t go to waste!

I may actually believe the quotes used in the advertising from now on because I can’t praise this play enough, well “quite possibly” I can.


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