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Elektro Kif (Tour - Newcastle)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Northern Stage
Newcastle upon Tyne

It’s streetdance but is it good enough for an evening of entertainment at the theatre?

Well I have to say a resounding YES, and if the applause from the audience is anything to go by, I’m not alone in this sentiment. Streetdance has taken it’s ‘style’ from the various culture, and social changes that this world has gone through in the latter 20th century to 2012, from the music of generations, from disco to rap, electro and Jazz, with a nod to classical…however you define it. Mixed with this eclectic mix of music is a style of dance that owes much to ground breaking performances of James Brown and Michael Jackson. It is all there, in full, raw, and athletic energy.

The company consists of eight dancers, all portraying students beginning a day of lessons, exams, free time, lunch-breaks and forays into the use of the internet that is best left unsaid, (boys will be boys) As they struggle with new subject matter, apathy, boredom, tiredness and the struggles of being a student, they each in turn try to work out what it is they will become. The struggle to find their place in the world; as they fight and jostle for recognition, acceptance, and an understanding of themselves in a world they don’t really understand.

For those like myself, who have a knowledge of technique, how to present, maintain posture etc. then this show may seem at odds with all that has been seen on stage, for this is a more relaxed approach to dance and cannot be judged in the same way as looking at drilled a chorus line. However the sheer exuberance, power and athleticism of this eight strong company is compelling. Choreography and direction is by the founder of the company, Blanca Li. A spectacular evening of dance, and I look forward to the next visit by this innovative and streetwise company.


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