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Catching up with The Haunting stars

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Based on stories by Charles Dickens, the Haunting stars James Roache (Coronation Street) and David Robb (Downton Abbey) with the current tour stopping off at the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre for one week from Monday 15 October, we caught up with the actors.

We are promised plenty of scary moments on the two hander production, which although not a long show is strenuous for the actors as David told me "while for the audience it's not along evening, James and I are left exhausted by the end, as we have to concentrate so much during the performance. But as the nights are drawing in the audiences seemed to be getting more and more scared"

While James added " we have had school parties come to see the show and with children being more exposed to things these days, by TV and computer games, it's suitable for them. Children like to know who things work and they are very switched on.The effects are very in keeping with the piece"

Both actors are fully enjoying the tour with David confirming his wife will be coming to Newcastle " we have the accommodation all sorted and when she is with me the hotels seem to be much nicer". David told us where he is staying and it is very nice, but we will not reveal it here. However, James confirmed he is staying elsewhere, although knows where David is residing for the week and confirmed how nice it is from when he stayed there previously. We totally agree.

The extensive tour finishes in early December, so what is next for the actors? Both have no firm plans, as yet, but David admitted " with Downton expecting to be recomissioned , I expect filming to start again in March. So there is not a lot of time for any TV or theatre work, maybe voice overs, we will have to wait and see." He confirmed that " during filming Downton, there is a lot of time where you are not required and like the rest of the cast you have to carefully choose projects which fit round the shooting schedule. However the production company always tries to be as accommodating as possible"

James confirmed he will not be returning to Coronation Street, "I have been there, done t that and got the great opportunity to work with Dad and my brother, then I was asked back. Linus was staying with Dad (Ken Barlow in Coronation Street) so they both saw the show while we appeared in Manchester"

I asked if he was interested in panto "definitely not my scene, currently looking at what is around, TV would be great or more theatre. We will just have to wait and see"

There is little doubt the actors are enjoying the tour and both confirmed they are looking forward to getting out and about in Newcastle

We will be reviewing the show when it opens.


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