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Slava's Snowshow

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Slava`s Snowshow, now running at the Mayflower, can only be described as fantastic!

The audience is awestruck as the famous Russian clown, Slava Polunin, opens the show with extravagant theatrical brilliance. His facial expressions and perfect mime are mesmerising.

The show starts quite darkly, with one, no make that two, sad clowns. In scenes that are heartbreakingly sad, whilst being hilariously drawn out.

The great soundtrack, the use of smoke, lighting and wind create a delightful, dreamlike, sensory experience for young and old alike. The troupe of clowns look forbidding but that just adds to the excitement. As we drift along there are lots of giggles and it`s a rollercoaster of emotions throughout.

We are treated to wonderful vignettes- like the two pirates on board their pirate- ship- bed with a `shark` clown, circling them. Brilliant!

By the end of first act, the audience is in fits of laughter as we all have to interact – whether we want to or not! Beware clowns in the intermission!

We are further entranced in act two by, well…Snow. And lots of it! To say more will only spoil it.

And the Finale! What can I say? It is fun and more fun. Like a colourful, fantasy. We are taken back to pure childish delight and enjoyment. The ending is nothing short of spectacular!!!

It is easy to see why acclaimed Russian performance artist and clown Slava Polunin, counts an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment, amongst the many he has collected throughout his illustrious career.

This wow of a show is like nothing I have ever seen before. Well worth seeing whatever your age.

Vera Newsham