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Slava's Snowshow (Tour - Salford)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Slava's Snowshow is one of those productions that makes you smile and glad that you accompanied your children on another 'family' theatre trip. How many times have you sat through something and smiled sweetly at your children, as they giggle at something which leaves you quite cold? Never fear, as Slava's exploits are as much for you, as they are for your little ones.

Even if you cannot abide clowns, Slava Polunin coveys the poetry of the circus act and imbues the production with a sense of wistfulness and the effect leaves you with a big smile on your face. Although, these clowns have much darker traits than you are used to.

The set pieces are fantastic, as at first glance everything seems simply staged. But, as audience members, you experience all of the four seasons in one show. So, do go prepared for all weathers in the theatre - as there is much more than snow on show here.

True, some of the elements may be too slow or lacking Disney-esque elements for the under fives. But, the children (of all ages) at the matinee I attended, loved the production as they were allowed to be totally involved. The auditorium becomes a giant playground by the time of the finale and my companions - Ella and Mia Walsh left the Lowry grinning and laughing. They loved the slapstick and the fact that they could stand up and feel totally immersed in the world of Slava.

As for me? Well, I was a kid again for one hour and forty minutes and witnessed a perfectly paced, poignant piece of theatre - which remains incredibly funny and original - and even for this third-timer, Slava's Snowshow has not lost any of it's magic.


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