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Gimp (Liverpool)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Venue: Playhouse
Where: Liverpool

Providing modern dance with a twist, Heidi Latsky’s company explore the full meaning of the word ‘gimp’. Touching and powerful, the work conveys the fighting spirit and capability of performers whose attributes- whether physical or not- are considered different within society.

It is obvious to see the passion in each and every one of the dancers on the stage, and it is wonderful that they have been given an opportunity in an industry that would ordinarily be considered as discriminative against them.

For the most part, the production is extremely moving, physically impaired performers producing movements that the most able bodies would find challenging.

In particular, the beginning of the show is beautiful, acrobatics being delivered with intimacy and grace by two performers, one of whom is missing legs.

The choice of music is eclectic and powerful, however, there are moments when it can overshadow the choreography.

Although the majority of the piece is captivating, the performers have the talent to be pushed even further, the show focusing too much on the visceral, and not enough on the dynamic. The repetition of tableaux’s is overdone and some elements of the dance have the potential to be truly mind-blowing, if stretched to their limits.

There is a moment when breathy, contemporary music begins to interlink with classical, and if this juxtaposition is explored further, the synchronicity between two styles of dance and music could be spine-tingling.

Despite this, there is something magical about this company. Gimp may denote ‘a lame person’, (as specified in the dictionary), but as Latsky’s company prove, there is nothing lame about their performance.

- Rebecca Cohen


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