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Elastic Bridge (Salford)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Anyone for a chocolate éclair? Well it is special occasion after all. Three strangers independently arrive on a bridge on the same day with the intention of throwing themselves over the edge. Strawberry Blonde Curls production of Elastic Bridge is set to make you laugh, make you cry and shock with a clever pay off at the end.  

Alexander the Librarian (Eddie Fortune), Sylvia the Actress (Risue MacPherson) and Kurt (John James Tomlinson) each have a story to tell; each suffering with their own problems, grief, despair and anguish and throughout the play we get to learn of each ones reasons for being there. The dialogue is fast paced and witty and laced with humour, pathos and a touch of bad language for the faint hearted amongst you. The three characters are very different but instantly have something in common when they chose the same location to end it all.

Much of the success from this piece comes from the characters presenting their woes but also keeping up social norms such as sharing a bag of éclairs round while talking. There are occasions where it is difficult to catch what Tomlinson says as the dialogue is delivered a touch too rapidly to be absolutely clear. However a fantastic sound track and some well designed lighting add to the tension and allows the characters to interact when necessary and to stand alone when required. The pace does wane somewhat in the middle however the tempo picks up again to reach the plays shocking conclusion.  

Elastic Bridge is testament to the statement that can push people too far. The odd flaw aside, this is a clever play that makes for good entertainment arising from a tricky subject and is well worth a view.

- Ruth Lovett


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