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Birds of a Feather (Tour - Liverpool)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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It certainly doesn’t seem like 15 years since the popular TV series, which was appreciated more for the comedy than the idea of being ground breaking - three women in the lead. And all of them, deservedly, continuing highly successful careers.

This show is 10 years on, and typically, Sharon and Tracey are struggling to hold down jobs; even at home they look like in uniform. Dorien of course sails along majestically as owner of Cherish Retirement Home. Well, totters around in high heels, topped by unbelievably skimpy outfits plus a towering wig.

Set mainly in the elegant lounge of ‘Shalentrace’, the switch to the impressive interior of Cherish is entertainingly made via a film of the car journey between the two locations, the classic spinning News Headlines, and actual scene shifting, with two of the residents tremulously shuffling around.

Updated with apposite references to current culture and technology, all of this neatly fits in with plenty of witty lines and some quite startling innuendo. However, the dialogue has had more work done to it than the plot: misunderstandings and chaos reign, with the mysterious death of a resident, Mr Zimmerman, and puzzles from the past to be solved.

It’s also a shame the support roles have an air of being tacked on despite valiant efforts from DS Teddern (Penelope Woodman) and Roger Zimmerman (Stephen Pallister). However, Sean Michael Verey (alternating with Charlie Quirke) makes a good job of Sharon’s mollycoddled son, Travis. And all three ladies, with their remarkable rapport, are sheer delight.

A welcome trip down Memory Lane for fans, with applause for some scenes as well as the trio, and a big warm welcome for newcomers.

- Carole Baldock


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