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Benind Closed Doors (Manchester)

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Venue: Nexus Arts Cafe
Where: Manchester

Milk and Two Sugars Theatre Company state on the companies aims that they are dedicated to creating theatre that reflects reality and honesty, unfortunately the play Behind Closed Doors written by Rebekah Harrison sadly misses the

The story is simple and its simplicity is sadly its downfall, it looks at two couples, one who seem to have the perfect relationship the other plagued with a dominant abusive boyfriend.

The problem with this examination of relationships is that every move, twist and turn is so obvious and cliched that you see everything coming long before it happens. Characters were left plodding along repeating the same things over and
over again and none were given any chance to either redeem themselves or face consequences.

Judging by the abrupt ending (which ranks as one of the worst endings I have  ever seen on stage) it was probably the writer's intention to leave all the questions and dilemmas unanswered, allowing the audience to wonder about the
outcome, but with the build up being such a slow one, you simply leave the venue not caring.

Sadly, only a few cast members managed to rise above the material. Emma Gilbertson and Darren Connolly are genuinely appealing as the newly engaged Danny and Emily. The rest of the cast ranged from average to disappointing though I feel this is probably down to the material and direction.

A rather un-compelling night of theatre that was only moderately saved by its two convincing leads.

-Craig Hepworth

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