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Will Glee Work Live?

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With the hit TV series Glee not showing any signs of fatigue for Gleeks or newcomers, you can see why a touring stage show featuring the kids is a great idea. It's not a new concept as anyone who remembers The Kids From Fame will testify. But, without auto tune and a narrative, will the live show work as a concept?

After all, without the window dressing - the Glee Live Tour simply features the stars from the show singing cover versions of well known songs from musical theatre, mash ups and telling us how much "We love you guys." Looking at the sales for the arena sales in the UK, there is certainly the appetite for such a show.

Without Sue Sylvester (the wonderful Jane Lynch) - the live version will surely lack the bite that keeps viewers of the E4 Smash hit coming back for more? But if you forget Sue and Mr Shu (his rapping and embarrassing topless appearance in one episode make this easy to do!) - Glee has something that can be captured on a stage with ease. It's the celebration of the outsider that has captured viewers' imaginations.

If you have a look on you tube at the live clips of the tour, one thing that stands out are the vocals and production values of the show. Sure, for many seeing the likes of Corey Monteith, Lea Michelle, Amber Riley and Chris Colfer in the flesh will make their hearts sing as they love the characters. But it's what the producers do with the songs and they way these performers sing them that counts.

With copycat shows like G*Mania disappointing paying customers, the time is right to see Glee Live, whilst the show is still a talking point.

Call me a Gleek but I'll be there singing along and I'm hoping to feel like a "Billionaire" but not as much as the producers who are touring this feelgood show so that fans "Don't Stop Believing."

Glee Live is at the MEN Arena on 22 - 23 June


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