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Vertigo follow Rage with Something Sinister

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After the success of Vertigo Theatre Productions modern day update of the classic thriller Dial M For Murder in the guise of  M - the company are returning to the thriller genre with an update of Patrick Hamilton’s Rope.

Craig Hepworth the writer and co director of the piece explains why: “When we first wanted to do a reimagining of a classic thriller it came down to two; Dial M For Murder and Rope, as both of these thrillers are superb and would lend themselves to a modern day society adding a whole new layer to these great pieces. After M was such a huge success and when we were looking for the next project after our last play Rage, I could not stop thinking about how well Rope could work. Whilst it’s a risky decision doing a second update of a thriller (especially when both original plays were turned in to movies by Alfred Hitchcock) I know we have a fantastic script and I think our new version Something Sinister brings a lot of new surprises to the stage”.

This new version  keeps the similar structure from the original piece, two men host a leaving party for their friend who’s moving to LA to become a screen writer, however during their last encounter there is a  murder. That night the victim’s friends and family arrive to say goodbye, not knowing that his goodbye was permanent and his body is in the trunk, which doubles as a table. That night a power game commences and questions are asked regarding self opinion, wealth and entitlement, but it’s only a matter of time before the body is discovered.

The cast includes Vertigo regulars Craig Hepworth (Phillip), Adele Stanhope (Janet), Emma Willcox (Joanna) and Dale Vicker (Kyle). The company also sees the return of Mike Gates (Simon) and welcomes new actors to the Vertigo team, Tomas Dunderdale (Brandon) , Jamie Edgerton (Peter) and Eden Duke (David).

Something Sinister opens at Taurus from 27 April - 1 May and tickets go on sale from January 25th.


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