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Rory Taylor On ... Rent the 20th Anniversary Concert

Rory Taylor has spent the last six months in a whirlwind, since becoming a runner up in ITV's Superstar.  He juggles being in a band and this new found fame - which has led to a starring role in Rent the 20th Anniversary Concert, followed by a return to the world of Superstar in the second Arena tour of JCS. We caught up with him to find out about life after being judged on ITV.

How has life been after the TV show Superstar?
Busy and strange! Being on the show has opened up so many doors for me, I've had the chance to meet some fantastic people and made some great friends. I've been given opportunities that I would never have been offered before and I'm enjoying working out what is the next stage in my career!

Do you get recognised?
Sometimes! Not too much though. Thankfully, it only seems to be people with nice things to say! I don't mind at all. It's great to speak to people who love JCS.

What attracted you to Rent the Concert?
The mix of characters. I think lot's of people find it easy to relate to at least one of the characters in the show, they are diverse, wacky, but overall realistic! It makes it a great show to be part of.

Can you tell us a bit about your character?

Roger is an ex-rockstar, an ex heroin addict and an emotionally messed up young guy! He has AIDS and his girlfriend kills herself when she too finds out she has AIDS. The show follows his struggle to cope with knowing he will die and his quest to write one last great song.

Why do you think the music and brand of Rent continues to be so popular?
I think the powerful story, combined with the great music and characters grabbed the audience 20 years ago, and never let them go! It has continued to snowball as one of the modern greats, because it is about modern life. It is dealing with issues that so many people deal with everyday; Poverty, unemployment, disease, homophobia, depression and drug addiction. It's relevant and brilliant!

Do you see yourself heading in this direction or would you like to continue making your own music?

I think I'll find a mix of doing both actually! I love performing in any format, It's great to have a character to play, but I still enjoy being myself with my band. I also love creating new music, so I don't think I'll ever stop doing that.

Why should people come and see Rent in Concert?
Because of the amazing cast! It is made up of true greats, who have years of experience behind them. I feel like the odd one out!  Kerry Ellis is a wonderful performer and a truly wonderful person. She has helped me so much as I have started out in this business and I'm sure we'll work together again in the future! The show will be high energy with a great band and beautiful vocals. I can't wait to get started!

What are your plans when the your has finished?
I have a few plans in the pipeline, including the tour of JCS. I have a very busy year lined up.

Rory Taylor was speaking to Glenn Meads.

Rent the 20th Anniversary Concert is at the Manchester Opera House on 25 April and the Liverpool Auditorium on 27 April.


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