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Keith Jack On...Joseph

Former Any Dream Will Do Finalist Keith Jack finally gets the chance to don the famous Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat as he takes on the title role of Joseph in Andrew LIoyd Webber and Tim Rice's hit musical. You may remember us rooting for the Scottish contestant via our blog on the show. Although Keith has been with Joseph since 2008 (as the narrator) he has also performed in the premier of the musical Only the Brave at the Edinburgh Festival. He has also toured England and Scotland in September and October 2008 to promote his album - This Time. He also sang "Uptown Girl" with Daniel Boys and Ben James-Ellis on John Barrowman's album "Music Music Music". We caught up with him ahead of the Joseph Manchester tour dates.

So, you finally got the role. How did it feel when you first stepped out in the costume?

It was amazing get the coat! It was the Saturday night in Croydon and I had family there so that made it better. I did ask Lee Mead about it and he just said to try not be any other Joseph and be yourself. And I feel like I have done that.

You have played the narrator previously. How does it feel now you are essentially carrying the show?

Well the narrator sings more than Joseph but yes Joseph is the lead part. It’s nice, it took me a few weeks to really command the part and as the lead you have the pressure to lead not just on, but also off the stage.
What's your fave song in the show and why?

It would be have be "Close Every Door" – it’s such a great song and it moves me everytime, and also the slow "Any Dream Will Do" with Jacob - I think it really shows the words of the song.

Any Dream Will Do seems like an age away now - what have you taken away from the experience?

I learned a lot about myself as a person and a performer.  How to take a song and find the meaning, and also how to command a stage better. Also I made some very good friends from it.

The Josephs seemed a close knit bunch. Who do you still see and have any of them become pals?

Yes I try to text them when I can and meet up if I’m close. I have seen Lee a few times in the last week so that’s been nice. And he came to see me play Joseph.

Why do you think Joseph continues to pack 'em in after all these years?

It’s just such a fantastic show. You are kind of brought up with Joseph so everyone knows the songs and loves the story and the megamix – that is why it never stops.

You have a huge following because of the show. What are the advantages/disadvantages?

A good thing is that everyone is really nice to you! The bad side is you always have to look the part everywhere you go just in case someone sees you. and people listen to what you say so you need to watch that!

What roles are you dying to play?

Raoul in Phantom and Mauris in Les Mis. I just think they are two great parts to play

You are performing as Joseph in the height of Summer. How will you manage to keep cool?

Well the loin cloth will always help ha! and I’m on stage 10 shows a week so have that on a lot. and lots of water.

Lastly, why should audiences come and see Joseph in Manchester?

Well I think the question is why not? It’s going to be a great week and you wouldn’t want to miss the Technicolour extravaganza!

Keith Jack was speaking to Glenn Meads

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is at the Manchester Opera House from 16 - 20 August.


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