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Five Reasons To See ... Answering to The Governor

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The Lowry Studio has seen some excellent gems being staged there over the last five years.Their 'NeverBeenSeen' Season continues with Answering to The Governor - John F K Hoyle's first play. We asked actor Hylton Collins for five reasons why you should go along to see the play in August.

1. Controversy
Religion always seems to be a sensitive subject whatever you do or don't believe.The play gives a considered argument from all characters viewpoints and will hopefully get the audience talking and maybe even seeing another side to the argument.It certainly got the cast talking after the readthrough.

2. Value for Money
Where else can you see new theatre for such low ticket prices? All too often in this day and age, Theatre has become something of a luxury in some venues but The Lowry keeps it's prices accessible and that is reflected in it's audience size. People come back to the Lowry for this reason.

3. New Writing
Not only is it a new play that is having it's world premier it is the first work to be performed by the up and coming playwright John F K Hoyle. He's young man but some of the material in the scripts would make you think it had been written by somebody much older.I think he's a real find.The dialogue is very rich and actors love that.

4. Moral Dilemma
All good drama is about conflict and the characters in the play have very strong views and opinions. My character of The headmaster can see both sides (or can he? You'll have to decide for yourselves there) and hopefully the play will make the audience think about other people's views whatever they believe themselves.

5. Wide Appeal
I think that it will appeal to a great many people. I've had people from varied religions say it sounds really interesting. To be honest if you have a strong faith, no faith and people who have lost their faith, for whatever reason - this play will get you talking. I also think it will appeal to teachers, and anyone who works with children as they can relate.

Answering to The Governor is at the Lowry from 6 - 7 August.


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