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A Raisin left me standing

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Last night I went to see The Royal Exchange revival of A Raisin In The Sun. Much has been made of the fact that many audience members gave this mesmerising production a standing ovation, as this is not common place on press nights. Unlike some reviewers, I too joined in, as I always put myself as an audience member first. Mainly, because I am not a VIP and also because I love theatre.

But there are times when I am shocked that some writers leave before the final bow and get an entire row up, as they  demand an aisle seat so that they can make an early exit. Each time I review a production, I have criteria in my mind, mainly - does the production please the audience and myself and is it worth the ticket price?

Admittedly, after teaching all day, if a show finishes at 10.30pm, it can be a tad tiring and yes, you have got the review in your head and you think about traffic and when you're going to get to bed. But I'm sure it's worse for a cast who have worked their socks off, in order to please a stuffy press night crowd. So, during the curtain call yesterday night- I remained in the theatre, clapping my heart out.

If others choose to leave, this is their prerogative, but I always think - if you enjoyed something - the least you can do is show your apreciation. Clearly some think, if they did not pay - it's just another night at work, but for me - A Raisin In The Sun is a stunning production - worth applauding until your hands go red.

Bravo to the cast and crew! I was the one still standing.


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