Stripped (Salford)

Venue: The Lowry
Where: Salford

is a one woman show that takes you on a journey through the seedy profession. Based on some of writer/actress Hannah Chalmers’ real experience whilst working as a stripper we see that the lifestyle that can promise you big money comes at a price.

The play is a strange one however. The show doesn’t really have anything new to say and at times can seem a bit contrived but despite that it still manages to evoke laughter and sympathy in equal measure, what could be just another run of the mill play about a profession we have seen dramatised many times actually turns out to be a surprisingly entertaining evening.

Chalmers as an actress gives a master class in playing multiple roles seamlessly who range from the lead girl, the other strippers, the male boss and more. Her performance as each character is so layered that visualizing the various people was easy, at times you almost forget it’s a one woman show.
Hannah Chalmers the actress is a unique and talented performer who with the right vehicle could easily move out of the fringe circuit and into the mainstream, I’m not sure Stripped is that vehicle but it does showcase what a promising future the writer/actress has.

– Craig Hepworth