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Pointes of View (Birmingham Royal Ballet)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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In this latest triple bill from Birmingham Royal Ballet, under the umbrella of Pointes of View, my four stars must be awarded to the third and final piece of the repertoire, entitled ‘In the upper room’.

Whilst the other two presentations (‘Concerto’ and ‘Lady and the Fool’) are enjoyable, yet unremarkable, American choreographer Twyla Tharp’s creation is a monster of an arrangement that fully captivates its audience with its entrancing energy.

Set to the repetitive rhythms of world famous contemporary composer Philip Glass, Tharp’s choreography bounces through the mechanic, the athletic, the playful and the pedestrian at a staggering pace.

By no means does the troupe of performers appear to be worn by the constantly evolving piece but throw themselves into every movement, giving a welcome break from some ballet performance which can be so calculated that the performances are left cold.

The members of the ensemble materialize and disintegrate through the vast plumes of fog and shafts of light that dominate the vast Hippodrome stage in a manner that is as visually striking as the feats executed on stage.

As the four stars are justified by the conclusion of the evening's proceedings, so too is the ticket price. Involving choreography like this is sometimes very hard to find.

- Ben Wooldridge


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