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Babylone (Tour - Coventry)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Billed at a “tense and chilling play” with the tagline “Someone’s been watching you. And now he wants to talk” this is a performance that will remain in memory long after the final curtain call. Set in a stark, yet homely Parisian lobby, it tells the tale of two completely different lives coming together via winding roads of fate. The two characters known simply as “Homme” (Peter Tate) and “Gentilhomme” (Johnnie Lyn-Pirkis) work perfectly together and create a really intriguing mixture of suspicion, suspense, friendship and betrayal.

Originally written by Jean-Marie Besset this is a new adaptation by David Eldridge and effortlessly translated from its original French dialogue by Lisa Forrell, Hamish Glen (Director) was able to bring the story to life through intuitive direction and expert stage presence. It is clear from the outset that the small cast and crew have worked well with one another to bring the story to life.

With moments of shock and small snippets of comedy, one watches the story unfolding beautifully before your very eyes. The story seemingly starts as the standard tale of rich and poor - a feeling of opposites, like black and white. But it soon becomes apparent that a more sinister and somewhat unthinkable link exists between the two characters. The audience is hit over and over with twists and turns, making one reflect on our own personal views of life, happiness, materiel needs and unstoppable lust.

Compelling theatre; I recommend it to all.

- Gareth Stringer


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