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The Sea Show (Bristol)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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The Sea Show is the creation of Craig Johnson of Squashbox Theatre; a highly talented actor, musician and puppeteer. It is unsurprising to find he is a member of the wonderful Kneehigh Theatre as he cavorts and entertains the eager young theatre goers who have come to be mesmerised by the splendid array of characters that parade before them.

The one hour spectacle allows the youngest seafarer to join in the tales of Captain Pemburthy, Morwenna the mermaid and the show stopping Ruan the reformed Seagull, aptly named because he really did use to ruin everything.

This is a delightful, energetic and robust celebration of all the fun of a seaside puppet show. Johnson’s natural rapport and good humoured fun with the young people makes this an absolute celebration of all that is good about theatre for children; it is small scale but the commitment, talent and creativity is in abundance, always ensuring that everyone is listened to and included in the ebb and flow of the fun. Whilst there is great enjoyment and energy throughout the show, the various messages of “safe surfing,” “recycling” and litter on beaches are taken seriously without labouring the point to the young crew.

Johnson sings and plays the accordion well, inviting any willing little folk to join him onstage in a resounding finale of what must be a highly memorable trip for them, it is evident that for many it is not their first encounter with this most engaging and classic storyteller and I am sure if this standard is anything to go by then there will also be many new recruits for his next visit.

All details of the current tour available online: www.squashboxtheatre.co.uk


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