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Napoleon: A Defence (Bristol)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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As you enter the space, you are personally welcomed onto HMS Boat by Private Party. Once aboard in your private cabin, you are swept away by master of disguise Major Blunt as he recounts his Napoleonic anecdotes. The evening doesn’t get any more sensible than that.

South West based clowns La Navet Bete have created a theatrical monster with Napoleon. Using their four actors, Al Dunn, Dan Bianchi, Matt Freeman and Nick Bunt, we are introduced to a cast of many ranging from Major Blunt himself and his many disguises (who knew that Napoleon’s downfall was his duvet), The Duke of Wellington (who knew that he came with his own soundtrack), a nun, a textile artiste and a Josephine you will never forget.

Throwing the history book out of the window has never been more fun and Le Navet Bete capitalise on this fun and redefines theatrical liberties. With Napoleon: A Defence, they have created an hour’s worth of madness, beautifully crafted sleight of hand and outrageous play. A joy from start to finish and a show that anyone with a sense of adventure, fun and theatrical risk taking should jump at the chance of seeing.


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