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What's in my Dressing Room? - Antic Disposition's Rhys Bevan

Bevan takes us behind the scenes to show us what a dressing room in a cathedral really looks like

Antic Disposition's Henry V'
© Scott Rylander

Antic Disposition present interpretations of classic plays (with an emphasis on Shakespeare) in historic buildings around the world. The company are currently taking their production of Henry V to cathedrals across the UK, including Lincoln, Norwich, Ely and Southwark.

Henry V cast member Rhys Bevan took us backstage at Beverley Minster in East Yorkshire to show us what a dressing room in a cathedral looks like.

The Leggings

RB: "A) It's cold in cathedrals. B) World War One trousers are itchy. C) It's really cold in cathedrals. (NB this photo was taken in the ladies dressing room. Note the carpet and general sense of warmth and "walls".)"

The Cassocks

RB: "These are not featured in our play. The mustachioed chap with the ruddy cheeks and baby face of a choirboy, however, is."

The Cross on a Stick

RB: "Enough said."

The Water (and Medieval Bust)

RB: "Bellowing the Henry speeches into a building the size of, well, a cathedral is thirsty work and takes its toll on the vocal chords. The medieval bust in the background is purely a bonus."

The Putties

RB: "Designed to keep the rain out of a World War One soldier's boot, and also to make actors look silly by unraveling at the least opportune moment. As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan."

The Good Luck Card

RB: "Finally, the good luck card from my agent and my sheet music. What's that? Oh the massive awesome cathedral behind it? How embarrassing, I hadn't realised..."

Henry V tours to cathedrals around the UK until 22 February. For more information, click here,