The Enormous Turnip Venue and Location

Theatre Royal
St Leonards Place, York, North Yorkshire YO1 7HD

Theatre Royal

St Leonards Place York, North Yorkshire YO1 7HD


Finders Keepers
Guys and Dolls
These Walls
Medea Maria
Maiden Speeches
Uncle Vanya
Brighton Rock
Finding Nana
Bare Skin on Briny Waters
Heads Up
Team Viking
On the Outskirts of a Large Event
Grandad's Island
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Book of Dragons
For Love or Money
Wait Until Dark
White Feather Boxer
Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope)
Mata Hari: Female Spy
Rita, Sue and Bob Too
Great Odds
Things I Know to be True
Who's That Guy?
Objects of Terror
Ghostly Tales & Stories
Sophie Willan - On Record
Phoenix Dance Theatre - Calyx/Beast/Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe
Waiting for Panto
Rattle Snake
A Murder is Announced
The Chit Chat Chalk Show
Pride and Prejudice
Ugly Duckling
Free to Stay
Million Dollar Quartet
Horny Handed Tons of Soil
The Demon Barbers - The Lock In 'Remixed'
Perfectly Imperfect Women
Pam Ayres - Forty Years On
Dance it up North
Swinging at the Cotton Club
Robin Hood: The Arrow of Destiny
Tom and Bunny Save the World
Buzz - A New Musical
Bring on the Bollywood
Anne Reid - I Love to Sing
Snake Davis - Classic Sax Solos
Jay Rayner - The Ten (Food) Commandments
The Suffragette Project
From Shore to Shore
The Pulverised
All or Nothing - The Mod Musical
Our Man in Havana
Henry V (Man and Monarch)
Romeo and Juliet
Twelfth Night
Gratiano: Grist to the Mill
Waiting for Othello
7/7 The Dance of Life in Seven Steps
Birmingham Royal Ballet - Solitaire/5 Tangos/Pineapple Poll
What Country, Friend, Is This?
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
The Boggle
Scary Shit
In Tents and Purposes
Words and Whippets - 5: Featuring Kate Fox
September in the Rain
Made in India
Rosie Kay Dance Company - MK Ultra
Chekhov Shorts
Forward to Victory
Oyster Boy
Silver Lining
Whatever Happened to Vandal Raptor?
Jane Eyre: An Autobiography
Matthew Bourne's Early Adventures 2 - 30th Anniversary Celebration: The Infernal Galop/Town and Country/Spitfire/Watch with Mother
Kevin Rushby: The Best Stories Are Never Written Down
Sue Perkins - Sue Perkins Live! In Spectacles
A Pocketful of Grimms
Grim Grimms
The King and I
Little Plays About Whispers, Loyalty and Lies
Blue Stockings
Murder, Margaret and Me
Frankenstein: Revelations
The Undergound Man
John Osborne: 3 Stories from Radio 4
Meet Fred
The Machine Stops
The Tempest: First Encounters
The Great Gatsby
The Mischief Before Christmas
The Rivals
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Mr Darcy Loses the Plot
Macbeth - Director's Cut
Night Must Fall
Objects of Terror
Really Really Want
Stacey Kent
2FaCeD DaNcE Company - Run
Layla's Room
Lady Chatterley's Lover
This Might Hurt
Underneath a Magical Moon
Mark Steel - Who Do I Think I Am?
The Season Ticket
Through the Gap
Murder Mystery: The Curse of The Amazon Pearl
Your Bard
Tcha Limberger's Gypsy Orchestra
Bette Midler and Me
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Family
Rich Hall - 3:10 to Humour
A Regular Little Houdini
The Collector
When We Are Married
The Witches
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Forgetting
The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon
Boy Meets Girl
Bucket List
Memories of Coal
Tell Me Anything
Le Gateau Chocolat - Black
The Star Seekers
The Beggars of York
Dinosaur Park
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Becoming Hattie
The Mystery Plays
Love, Bombs and Apples
Fairytales for Grown-Ups - The Devil's Purse
Brideshead Revisited
The Tempest
Clare Teal and Trio - Celebrate Doris Day
Words & Whippets Poetry Night - #4
Phoenix Dance Theatre - Triple Bill: Until./With/Out.Enough/Undivided Love
The Pine Tree and Its Green Secret
Don't Dribble on the Dragon
Dinosaur Zoo
The Enchanted Chalk
The Man Who Planted Trees
Second Hand Dance - Grass
The Machine Stops
Don Giovanni
Pia De' Tolomei
The Secret Bank Holiday Play
The Merry Wives
An Evening of Panto
Birmingham Royal Ballet - Wink/Romeo and Juliet excerpts/The Dream/The Taming of the Shrew/The Moor's Pavane
The Tempest
Flare Path
Brideshead Revisited
This Changes Everything
The Trojan Women
The Holding Place
Blood in the Ballroom
Snow Child
Dick Whittington (And His Meerkat)
The Great Gatsby
A Journey with Maude
A Restless Place
The Gentleman for Nowhere
The Great Train Songery
Takeover Shorts
The Last Supper
Alice in Wonderland
Where I'm Stood
The Railway Children
Last Train to Elvet
In Fog and Falling Snow
5 Soldiers
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
Timon of Athens
King Lear
Richard III
King Lear
A Response to King Lear: They Kill Us For Their Sport
Shakespeare in his Cups
The Diagnosis: Hamlet
Pyramus and Thisbe
Two Shakespeare Heroines
The Stories of Shakey P
In My Father's House
Adam's Apple
A View From the Bridge
Antony and Cleopatra
Old Mother Goose
Puss in Boots
Mr Puntila and his Man Matti
The Circle of Chalk
She Stoops to Conquer
The Woman in Black
Pride and Prejudice
More Tales from Kafka
Hanging Hooke
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Where the White Stops
Noel James
Phoenix Dance Theatre See Blue Through/Document/Mapping
Birthday Suite Party
Johnny Got His Gun
The Picture of Doreen Gray
The Pirates of Penzance
Helver's Night
The Kite Runner
The Restoration of Nell Gwyn
Arthur Author
The Princess and the Pea
Sherlock Holmes: A Working Hypothesis
Wind in the Willows
The Importance of Being Earnest
A Taste of Honey
Script Factor All Winners Final
Cis and Barbiche
Hit the Road Jacques
Remembrance and Beyond
Avenue Q
The Tiger and the Moustache
In the Beginning, And What Came After
I Believe in Unicorns
The Elves and the Shoemaker
I Believe in Unicorns
The Selfish Giant
Peter and the Wolf
Science Museum Live: The Energy Show
All Things Weird and Wonderful
Monday's Child
Mystery Plays for Our Age
The Book
Blithe Spirit
Away from Home
Words & Whippets Poetry Night
David Copperfield
A Number
Spiltmilk Say Dance
Monday's Child
Under Milk Wood
Witness for the Prosecution
Rich Hall
A Night to Remember
Paul Bunyan
The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote)
Twelfth Night
The Play That Goes Wrong
An August Bank Holiday Lark
Forest of Fables
Austen's Women
The Crick Crack Club The Iliad
Julius Caesar
The Tempest
Hot Mikado
The Stepmother
Brassed Off
Brassed Off - A Young Person's Guide to the Brass Band
Ghost Town
Aladdin and the Twankeys
Snake Davis Snake Davis and The Suspicions Christmas Special
Twice Upon a Time
Richard III
Richard III
Mr Sandmann: Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares
Sita's Story
How to Summon a Hippopotamus, and Other Skills
In Doggerland
Dream Yards
Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
With Wet Picnic Suitcases
Ginger Baker Ginger Baker's Jazz Confusion
Adam Hills Happyism
Phoenix Dance Theatre Particle Velocity
The Public Eye
The Private Ear
Blood + Chocolate
The Elephant Bridesmaid
The Only Way is Chelsea's
Champions of Magic
The Ghost Hunter
Bed & Breakfast
Titus Andronicus
The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
See How They Run
Midnight at the Boar's Head
Andy Parsons I've Got a Shed
The Legend of King Arthur
Henry VI - Trilogy Harry the Sixth/The Houses of York and Lancaster/The True Tragedy of the Duke of York
Henry VI - Trilogy Harry the Sixth/The Houses of York and Lancaster/The True Tragedy of the Duke of York
Henry VI - The Houses of York and Lancaster
Henry VI - Harry the Sixth
Henry VI - The True Tragedy of the Duke of York
Morgana Le Fey
Me As a Penguin
Less Than Kind
The Mercy Seat
The Enormous Turnip
Bitch Boxer
Chapel Street
The Trench
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs
Out of the Blue
Rutherford and Son
Great Odds