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i hadn't expected that we would see Wicked again but Louise Dearman's return to the show meant that another visit was essential. Most people who know Lou had always thought she would make a brilliant Elphaba because of her enviable vocal range and powerful belt and she fully lives up to expectations and is at least the equal of Idina Menzel. Hers is an intense wicked witch but of course it wouldn't be Lou without finding all the humour that exists in the role. In contrast Gina Beck has a lovely light soprano as Glinda but isn't naturally funny. Perhaps best of all the strengths of the show still hold up after so many viewings.

I've seen Wicked twice in three months and it was, excuse the pun, magical on both occasions. Rachel Tucker manages to have both a powerful stage presence which is also sympathetic as Elphaba whilst Louise Dearman matches her presence as Galinda/Glinda. May it fly high for a long time to come.

I saw Wicked last week and have to say what an utterly brilliant show it was. Go and see it! Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman make the perfect team and are both so talented. They were just amazingly good. Unfortunately, we saw understudy Tommy Sherlock as Fiyero and he was very disappointing. Terrible acting and mediocre singing and dancing. He had about as much allure as a cabbage and had no chemistry with poor Rachel at all! Sort out your understudies Wicked - people are paying £65 a ticket and deserve better! If it wasn't for a second rate Fiyero, I would have given the show 5 stars, as everything else was just fab.

Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman - you were amazing! So talented, I'm well jel. x

How odd - nobody has bothered to review Wicked since our last visit in September. Anyway, a WoS outing was an ideal opportunity to see the show again and to renew acquaintance with Louise afterwards. At some point I am sure I will get bored with Wicked but yet again the quality of the story and the production drew me in. It is also to everyone's credit that there is no suggestion of complacency amongst the cast and this is still a Broadway standard production. The close proximity of the fourth row provided an opportunity to pick out some small details which might be missed further back. It's also good to see Zoe Rainey who we have seen graduate from small ensemble roles at the Donmar as a paricularly wicked Nessa Rose. Wicked is still one of the best shows in town and, if not the very best, it's easy to see why it wins every audience award it is eligible for.

My wife's birthday so another trip to see Wicked was inevitable. Last time we saw it I predicted that the current cast could be the best ever and I think they have lived up to that. Rachel Tucker has fully grown into the role of Elphaba, providing light and shade rather than the full-on impact of some of her predecessors, including (heresy I know) Idina Menzel. It's worth remembering that originally the bigger name actress was cast as Glinda until the unstoppable Menzel effect took over. Louise Dearman has restored the character to prominence without any attempt to upstage her off-stage friend Rachel. Louise's perfromance is rich with irrepressible humour but also awareness of the friendship with Elphaba she has lost. Louise's singing voice still has remarkable range, even though it is not displayed to full effect here (see her in concert to gauge the full extent of her talent). I had expected to be a bit bored with Wicked by now but this was probably my favourite performance of the five we've seen.

Have seen this 3 times. The first with Kerry Ellis, I gave it 5 stars. The second with Alexa Kheidhiem, 4 stars and this time with Ashleigh Gray. I'm sure she's a very nice person but why do the producers think I want to pay top whack to watch the lead who can't really sing, it's like a shout with very little natural vibrato. She alone managed to turn it into a "middle class" toff story with the public school accent etc. This really does need the American accent to suceed. Every one was brilliant. It needed a cast change so I'll give it another go after checking Ashliegh Gray isn't the understudy.

An extensive cast change was the motivation for a return trip to Wicked. Lewis Bradley is aptly cast as the shallow, dim Fiyero but actually sings well aprt from one horrible bum note. Clive Carter is probably the best singer to play the Wizard and Cassandra Compton must be the prettiest Nessa Rose. Rachel Tucker was clearly the most professional of the Nancy contestants and has earned her chance of a leading role. At first I had my doubts; her singing voice is excellent but her Elphaba was almost devoid of personality, but from Defying Gravity onwards something clicked. Her rock belt rivals Kerry Ellis and she also got under the (green) skin of the character. This was only her fourth day in the role but Rachel could develop into a brilliant Elphaba. However, the main reason for buying tickets is that, at long last LOUISE DEARMAN IS A WEST END STAR.We have followed this brilliant girl's career for years and wondered when a producer would see the talent we have always believed in and Louise truly lives up to expectations. She has a beautiful singing voice with enviable range and versatility but it is her natural sense of comedy that makes her such a superb Glinda. She correctly plays her as a spoilt teenager (Popular could now belong in Legally Blonde) but the transition to a more mature, thoughtful Glinda is brilliantly conveyed and there is a genuine chemistry between her and Rachel, befitting off-stage friends. The show itself may be the most poular in London although it is not in the same league as Les Mis, Phantom or the suprisingly short-lived Hairspray, to name but three, but, with Lee Mead still to come, Wicked might have its' best cast yet and in Louise Dearman - a star is born.

Brilliant show..The Alexia Khadime that I saw was terrific .. as was Diane Pilkington. Don't know what show correspondent "cassox" saw but it seems to have been something else entirely. However if his/her hearing is as poor as his spelling then maybe it is a hearing aid he needs to appreciate just how good the show actually is!

Still awfull. there is nothing to commend this show other than its a newly composed musical....... but unfortunatly Schwartz is a terrible composer... granted that 'popular' is a good yarn and 'Defying Gravity' a great power ballad.. or sorts....... but the wholething looks cheep, tacky and is a dreadfull travesty of musical theatre... and what is more it is a rape-ing of a mockery of a tarvesty of the book....... awfull.. i know you wont listen....

I took a chance and went to see this sparkling show and was pleasently supriced. I think Alexia and Dianne was absolutely brilliant. A very funny and entertaining piece of work.

I never quite understood the hysteria surrounding Wicked and especially Idena Menzel, but a return visit after 2 and a half years gave me some idea what all the fuss was about. Alexia Khadime acts the part of Ephaba really well but doesn't have any of Menzel's amazing stage presence or belting rock voice. She wasn't helped by being undermiked, which also hampered Dianne Pilkington as Glinda. What I had also forgotten is how entertaining Wicked is throughout with a memorable score and an outstanding book which is both funny and clever and manages to cover some of the same territory on prejudice as Hairspray.

The best musical I've ever seen. It's funny; its' bittersweet; it's mesmerising. See it!

I saw this show twice on wednesday 25th March. Sarah Earnshaw was on as Glinda both times and she's incredible. Sucha beautiful voice and hilarious to watch, i couldnt take my eyes off her. Kerry Ellis is really evolving in the way she plays elphaba and i have noticed a change in the way she does the role in the 9 times i've seen her since june 2007. Nadine Cox was Madame Morrible for the matinee and she was a very jovial but nasty madame morrible. Very diffeent to harriet thorpe who played the role in the evening but they are both amazing in the role. Desmond Barrit as the wizard was outstanding i think he's very good and will be sad to see him go in may. Jeremy Legat and Caroline Keiff have such great chemistry as Boq and Nessarose, i'll be sad to see them leave too. all the cast were fab and i'm so disappointed that the next time i see them will be at cast change, i want them to stay forever lol. Oliver Tompsett was also incredible as Fiyero and I'm glad he's staying

This is my second time of seeing Wicked.This time I had up close tickets, too close in fact! Stalls row J39. Far left of stage but still good for 32 notes.Slightly restricted view. I was very disappointed in Ashleigh Gray's performance as Elphba. No comparison to Kerry Ellis. Don't get me wrong, her acting is first class as well as her diction and timing. There are no tuning issues either, it's just I didn't like her interpretation of the songs. No where near enough vibrato and too much "jerkiness" almost yodeling type phrasing. Just didn't do it for me at all. The rest including Dianne who has it all, was great, as before. It just shows how one person can either make or break a musical. It's still a fabulous show but next time I'd wait to see Kerry.

Wicked is still exciting and colourful as the day it opened 5 STARS!!! I have seen the London production of Wicked - A New Musical many times and I am still taken back by the sheer scale of the production. You can see your money on stage in the set, costumes, lighting and the world-class performances from this amazing cast. Kerry Ellis really shines through as the green-skined misunderstood witch Elphaba. She took over Idina Menzel, who won a Tony Award for her performance on Broadway, and she continues to improve her acting and singing. Her counter-part Dianne Pilkington who plays the popular good witch Glinda also brings her talents to the surface for all to see. Her acting and singing match perfectly for the role. She goes from having the audience in fits of laughter to crying your eyes out. Harriet Thorpe also stands out playing the evil Madame Morrible where she suits the role 100%. Her acting and comic timing make the role stand out. She leaves you wanting alot more. The rest of the cast including Oliver Thompsett and Desmond Barrit round off the perfect cast for the perfect evening. A truely unmissable show for anyone theatre goer. It is well worth the money for a ticket even in today's climate. I hope this show run's for many more years to give many more the chance to be taken back to the land of Oz. See it Now!!!

THE BEST SHOW EVER! This is truly magical and spellbinding. There are parts of this that made me cry it is truly amazing. I have now seen it 4 times and am going twice more in April and March. It is fabulous and this musical has DEFINITLEY changed my life :D

Wow, wow, wow. I saw this on Wed 28th Jan 09, stalls seat 9 row U 19.30hrs. What a fabulous theatre and being 6ft3" plenty of room. This was my 4th show in the week and the one I was least looking forward to, BUT how wrong I was. I always buy the OCR first so knew the score. This is BIG, loud and awesome. The voices, staging, acting are all first class. I can not say one negative thing. It has stayed with me and am still playing the soundtrack, which I don't normally do following seeing the production. One comment only, the theatre was cold! Bravo to you all if any of the cast read this. I will be back!

Disappointing and hackneyed. Left at intermission, was a total waste of money. There were many leaving at the same time... Music was boring, storyline was sexist, women were either dumb or sleazy. Too many holes in the story....why were they friends? OH.... because Glinda would teach her to be popular? Give me a break!

Well i saw Wicked again today at the matinee. And i was delighted to find Sarah Earnshaw was on as Glinda. she was hilarious the whole way thru the show, everyone was in stitches.especially in Popular. I can't describe it, but try n see her for yourself. And of course Kerry Ellis is back. She was phenomenal in Defying gravity and no good deed. she seems to be stuck between accents though as sumtimes when delivering her dialogue she was english and american lol. I love her and Alexia equally, they both bring sumthing different to the role. it was funny in Wonderful when kerry was supposed to be angry but desmond barrit was on top form as the wizard and he had kerry stifling giggles.Oliver Tompsett seems to be glad to have Kerry back and it showed in their performance, they were really good together. Tim Walton was on today as Dr Dillamond and he put in a good performance but it wasnt the best i've ever seen. Harriet Thorpe was brilliant as Madame Morrible and jeremy legat as boq was also excellent. i can't forget his voice in a hurry. Caroline Keiff was outstanding as nessarose, she was so angry and powerful in the 2nd act. All in all the cast were awesome, despite the fact a lot of them seem to have disappeared today. But at least the swings got a good go at Wicked and they worked well together. i am going back in january and i know i will not be disappointed!

Well I saw this show on saturday 25th for my 5th time and i still love it. Alexia and Oli were truly outstanding in their roles and their chemistry together was amazing. Desmond Barrit is brilliant as the Wizard and Harriet Thorpe was deliciously evil as Morrible. Caroline Keiff and Jeremy Legat were very sweet in their roles as Nessarose and Boq and Andy Mace put in a good performance as Doctor Dillamond.However i could only give 4 stars this time because I was very disappointed in Dianne Pilkington as Glinda. I have seen her 3 times previously and thought she was hilarious but I was appaled by her performance this time round. She rushed through her songs and dialogue as quickly as she could, i couldnt hear half of what she said and i was on the front row of the stalls! And she just wasnt funny at all. i think she may be getting tired of playing glinda and will be ready to move on in May. Her standby Sarah Earnshaw is well worth going to see though if u can catch her. I am going back in december tho and i hope i can be singing dianne's praises again x x

omg alexia was fantastic as normal wen i saw this on wednesday afternoon. her voice is so youthful and fresh and she brings so much energy to the part. sarah earnshaw was on as glinda and i can't understand why she's not the principal, she is outstanding, she duznt go over the top and really plays the jokes well. liam tamne is a good fiyero and can hit the notes but i did miss oliver tompsett's riffs. all the cast were fantastic and i love this show so much. am seeing it for a 5th time in december and will be going at least twice next year. don't miss wicked, its phenomenal!

best show that i have ever saw in my life alexia khadime is an amaying singer and i was mesmerised throughout the entire show . my first ever trip to london as i am from scotland and it was the best trip i have eveer been :) every one should go see it COMETO SCOTLAND WICKED :o !!!!

RE:Graham's post (on 30 Jul 08), you need to respect and learn to accept other people's view points. Those that gave the production a 1 star have valid reasons and the readers can decide for themselves what they want to believe and whether or not they want to go and see the musical.

I really cannot believe that readers who give this production 1 star are completely intolerant of those that give 4 or 5 stars. Everybodies likes are different and although this should be encouraged (to express ones feelings about something) it shouldn't be at the cost of fellow theatre goers by making childish,bitter and twisted remarks because they think that they are right and everyone else is wrong. I think this production is wonderful and i've seen it 3 times with different people who also thought the same as me. I remember seeing chitty chitty bang bang with Micheal Ball and thought that was complete tosh, but i certainly wouldn't complain about those that liked it!

Sadly I agree with some of the negative reviews on here, I'm a fan of Wicked but it has run its course in London. Anyone who saw the amazing first cast with Idina Menzel and Adam Garcia cannot fail to be disappointed by the current cast. Kerry Ellis was a decent replacement but she never really reached the greatness of her American counterpart. To my mind, the show was over when Garcia and the rest of the original cast left. I don't know what they're thinking in London but the Glinda's are terrible and they seem to think they can get away with casting Elphaba with an ok voice - you can't!!! I'd rather see this close then turn into a panto!

I'm sad to say Wicked is losing it, from the stunning show that took the West End by storm to the shabby, second rate performances of the 'best' of what London has to offer. Alexia Khadime is good in the role, but she's not amazing, probably about as good as Cassidy Jansen, Elphaba needs to be amazing, and I'm sad to say when the American left this show started a steady slide down hill which I have witnessed with sadness. Come on producers, get the cast out and get in some proper talent, this show will not run on spectacle alone, look at the US, they cast power house voices and stars like George Hearn!

A good musical. The 2 leading performances were very good. The references to 'Wizard of Oz' were hugely enjoyable. However after the interval the show is not that interesting and the resolution is a bit boring and done before. Also the music score is nothing spectacular.

saw the matinee and it was fab. Alexia khadime is a perfectly cast elphaba. shes fiesty and innocent and is a good match for her co star Dianne Pilkington. Everyone was fab and i loved the chemistry between Oliver tompsett and Alexia. This show is not to be missed!

Wow. Fabulous music, with a very good cast. Kerry Ellis stands out with that fantastic smooth yet very powerful voice, leaving Di's vocal sounding a little inadequate (although acting-wise she is very good). RH had it right when she/he commented that this will serve both the jolly-day-out-at-the-theatre-seeker and those looking for a little more depth. AW

was determined to catch this show again prior to the departure of kerry ellis to broadway, ireally feel it will be lacking something without her. it was a stunning show, not the easiest story to follow on stage but with this viewing i have benefitted from reading the novel beforehand. all the cast put in strong performances but as indicated previously i think kerry ellis is the un-disputed star of the show. there is definitely something in this show to appeal to everyone, although a musical with meaning and depth it is also a jolley day out at the theatre .


I returned to OZ last night and what a dissapointment. I previously saw this musical with Idina Menzel, Helen Dallimore and Adam Garcia in the leads but the actors who have replaced them are not a patch on their stage craft. The sound system is awful which makes Dianne Pilkinton's silly version of Glinda inaudible. The producers should really take a look at her performance and compare her with the excellent Helen Dallimore where you could hear every word and she was funny. Maybe acting lessons for Dianne who plays the role like a over the top dizzy blonde with a accent so you can not understand a word she says. As for the actor who plays Flyero he is not a patch on Adam Garcia. Thankfully I did not pay full price for a ticket but I can definately say if you are not a fan do not waste you money on this as show. I think this musical has run its course in London as the theatre was half empty.

A great score, particular highlights for me were "Popular" and "Defying Gravity", and the design of the show means it looks fantastic. I was rather underwhelmed by some of the performances though. Can't understand everyone raving about Kerry Ellis. Yes, she has a fantastic voice, but little or no stage presence. Her acting in fact is very weak, and means that you don't actually care very much about Elphaba. In fact at first we assumed it was the understudy! Dianne Pilkington is better, but hampered by playing Glinda as English when she's clearly the bratty, American cheerleader type! In fact we found the artistic decisions about who used what accent as baffling and ultimately distracting. The Wizard sings and speaks in an American accent, Glinda sings and speaks in an English one, and Elphaba speaks in English and sings in American, apart from when she's duetting with Glinda when she sings in English, so their vowel sounds match!! Oliver Thompsett was a rather bland Fiyero although his thighs were very impressive in his tight white jodhpurs. But Susie Blake was great. So a bit of a mixed bag. Enjoy the music and the spectacle, but there isn't a huge amount of substance beneath it all.

2nd time i have seen wicked fist time with idina menzel and helen dallimore well this latest offering was just as good....great perfomances from both leading ladies...i will be back again and again..this shows feel good factor is awsome,and another standing ovation for the cast....could not be better..thanks

2nd time i have seen wicked fist time with idina menzel and helen dallimore well this latest offering was just as good....great perfomances from both leading ladies...i will be back again and again..this shows feel good factor is awsome,and another standing ovation for the cast....could not be better..thanks

2nd time i have seen wicked fist time with idina menzel and helen dallimore well this latest offering was just as good....great perfomances from both leading ladies...i will be back again and again..this shows feel good factor is awsome,and another standing ovation for the cast....could not be better..thanks

2nd time i have seen wicked fist time with idina menzel and helen dallimore well this latest offering was just as good....great perfomances from both leading ladies...i will be back again and again..this shows feel good factor is awsome,and another standing ovation for the cast....could not be better..thanks

it's weird because everybody say that it's the ost amazing show in the west end...well, i don't think so. I think the set design is brilliant, that defying gravity is one of the most powerful thing i've seen on stage but finally, the rest of the show looks and sounds like a Disney show...very childish. The sound is really bad but you live something special at the same time...well, just go and see it ( in the circle for a good view). Kerry ellis is good!

When I first saw Wicked advertised in New York I knew it was sometihng special. I saw it in London and was completely blown away by the amazing storyline, suberb songs and amazing scenery and effects. Kerry Ellis has an incredible voice and and Diane Pilkinton is a wonderful Glinda. Together they lead an incredibly talented cast and ensemble. Wicked has certainly worked it's magic over London. This show is one you'll remember forever.

I will admit to getting older and a touch hard to please and that goes for the 3 friends who accompanied me last Saturday evening (6 Nov). The expensive front dress circle seats give you the feeling that you are watching a scene in the street below from a third floor window. The sound system or the actors diction, especially the understudy playing Glinda, made it almsot impossible to follow the plot (if there was one; the music was loud and pretty repetitive with no memorable melodies and some of the singing was clearly off key. The staging was spectacular but that was it. To sum up it was spectacularly boring and if you are over 60 don't waste your money on this trite american import.

Saw this show on 15th August '07, and I was completely blown away, easily the best show to hit London for years. I know everyone keeps saying this, but Kerry Ellis was INCREDIBLE as Elphaba, I have yet to hear a more powerful voice, it literally filled the theatre. Diane Pilkington and Oliver Tompsett were also fantastic in the other two leads. As for the sets and costumes, they have to be seen to be believed, so spectacular, particularly the astounding Act 1 finale, 'Defying Gravity'. If you intend to see any show, make sure it's this one; it truly is 'Wicked'!

I saw this show again last night and it was trully brilliant. Sarah Earnshaw, standby for glinda was on for her first day and she was amazing, you would have never have known that she had played the role once before!! Her singing and acting skills are superb, she had the comedy in the first act and the poignancy in the second. Kerry Ellis was as usual world class, she continues to get better and there are literally no words to describe her singing ability. It is of the blow you away brilliant kind, she does this and still manages to stay in character her portrayal is not overly showy or riffy but it is deeply moving and affecting. Her acting continues to improve and the chemistry between the leads was amazing. The rest of the cast, somewhat overlooked unfairly because of the amazingness of Kerry and Sarah were also excellent. This show really does have it all, great sets and costumes a good plot and truly unforgettable acting, dancing and singing by the entire company. A must see.

This is the best West End Show I have ever seen and I just want to keep going back again and again. Kerry Ellis (Elphaba) is a fantastic actress with a phenomenal voice, and the rest of the cast are also outstanding. Add to that the heart-tugging but funny songs and storyline and some amazing lighting and special effects, and this is the best show around.

This show is absolutely wonderful and Kerry Ellis is fantastic with a completely phenomenal voice. Relationships between the cast are clearly reflected on stage and meeting everyone after the show just proved to me what lovely and down to earth people they are. This show leaves you smiling for days afterwards...completely brilliant.

I was there in May and loved it. When I returned to NYC I had to buy every movie Adam Garcia has ever made! The girls were greate too. I'd not been in the VA since Starlight Express in 1993. An amazing theater an amazing theatrical experience! btw, I live in NYC and have passed on seeing this show for more than 3 years. London is the best!

There is nothing negative i can say about the show at all! It's witty, funny, emotional (the number of times I cried) and when you leave the theatre you just want to turn right around and see it again! Kerry Ellis is AMAZING, her voice fills the theatre with her beautiful, clear tone. James Gillan, he was so hilarious, I just wanted to see more and more of him in fact, i think the show should be re-written to give him a bigger part. All in all, a must see one of the BEST SHOWS YOU WILL EVER SEE... EVER!

it desrves all 5 stars of this review, i went to see it yesterday and paid a fortune for my seat, however it was fantastic ! Kerry Ellis has a superb voice that made every hair stand on end and Helen Dallimore was excellent as Galinda! And Adam Garcia amazed me with his dancing and singing skills ! Well Done to the whole cast! I cannot wait to see it again it was truly ....... WICKED !

Went to see this yesterday as well! I agree mostly with the previous reviewer however I have to say that Kerry is a better actress and singer than J although CJ was amazing yesterday. Also I have to disagree about Oliver Tompsett as Fiyero. He was absoltely amazing and As Long As Your Mine was the best number of the night. I'd also have to agree about Madam Morrible. I was extremely happy to see the singing back in the part after the wonderful but shouting Miriam. Role on wicked! Going to miss the wonderful Helen Dallimore when she leaves. Apart from one or two duff notes in No One Mourns the Wicked as usual last night she was amazing! A fantastic show! Just as good second time as first!

Saw Wicked yesterday from the day seats again, they really are the best value seats in London, I wouldn't want to see it from anywhere but the front row now. Felt really sorry for the girl sat directly behind me when I told her we had paid £35 less than her for a slightly better seat. I was overjoyed when I found out we were seeing understudy (soon to be standby Elphaba) Cassidy Janson who was outstanding. I much preferred her interpretation to Kerry Ellis's. Her performance is based a lot on Idina Menzel's, at times you could close your eyes and think you're listening to Idina, but she still manages to make it her own in many ways. As Long As You're Mine and For Good outshone Idina's versions, and I'm a huge fan of Idina so I wouldn't say that lightly. Of the three I have seen, Kerry by far has the best voice, technically, but Idina and Cassidy portrayed the role much more appropriately in my opinion. I would now always try to go when Cassidy is scheduled to be on, Wicked lost its shine for me with Kerry, even though she is very good and easily has one of the best voices of all those who have played the role, something was missing, Cassidy Janson, for me, has brought this back. Oliver Tomsett was hugely disappointing as Fiyero. I had high hopes for him after hearing clips of him on YouTube and vocally he delivers with a sublime voice - As Long As You're Mine, again superb. The let down is his acting and dancing (both very wooden) and his size. He looks huge on stage and about 15 years older than the rest of the cast. His head shot must be at least 10 years old! Susie Blake is amazing in pretty much every way as Madame Morrible, it was wonderful to hear her parts sung after the hugely disappointing portrayal from Miriam Margolyes (of whom I am a fan in other things) who shouted her way through the whole thing. I'm having renewed faith in soap actors! We had u/s Nessa, Caroline Keiff who unfortunately looked like an understudy. She was passable in the role but never managed to look natural, pulling some of the strangest facial expressions I've even seen! Helen Dallimore improves every time I see her starting as a mediocre G(a)linda to a really great one - she is hilarious! The rest of the cast were very good - James Gillin continues to shine as Boq and we saw a huge improvement in Nigel Planer as the Wizard. This show has definitely renewed my faith in the London production and I can't wait to see it again!

omg this is the best show that i have seen in my life! i saw it 30th may, kerry was absolutely sensational!! she is going to be such a big star! helen plays such a great part and credit to her. oliver was understudying for adam that night, but he is just as good if not better! katie plays a brilliant part as nessa! i loved the show and cant wait to see it again!! the company put so much effort into the show and the costumes and dances are amazing! i met the cast afterwards, kerry and helen are complete stars and without a doubt have so much talent!! kerry ellis, will be such a big star shortly, and she deserves it!! just keep an eye on her!

Superb! Superb! Superb! I was aching to go and see this for ages and Im really glad I went to see it last night! It was just fantastic! The staging, the set, costumes, acting, dancing, the singing was fabulous! Helen Dallimore was adorable as Glinda and as for Kerry Ellis, she is gonna be a huge musical superstar along with Elaine Paige and Liza Minneli! She was brilliant as Meat in We Will Rock You and she shone tremendously in the show last night! The storyline between Glinda and Elphaba is so touching and sweet, I cant wait to read the book! If you want to see a musical that will not only move you but make you smile, GO AND SEE THIS! MOST RECOMMENDED!!!

wicked is absolutly fab the whole cast pored their heart & soul into the act & i thought elphaba's defying gravity's scene was breath taking..

Who cares about the accents? Its not an American show..thats like saying Les Mis is an English show. Which by the way they do in American accents on Broadway, please get a life. This show is fab!!!!!

Wicked is amazing! The whole cast is amazingly talented!!

An absolutely AMAZING show. Anyone who hates it probably doesn't understand the real story of the show. Not only does it have a fantastic variety of songs, it has an amazing set and the cast are brilliant. Kerry Ellis is one of the most talented people I've ever seen and Helen Dallimore is out of this world. Come see this show...Its amazing! Oh and if don't want to see understudies I recommend you to check the website because it tells you all the cast holidays. Would be the simpler thing to do..then moan. If you get up early enough front row seats for £25 get released at 10am each day. They are WELL worth buying...the most amazing view ever.

Saw this yesterday. I was actually quite excited as I'd heard the album about a year ago and thought it sounded like a good show. I wouldnt say I was one of the massive fans though!! Paid £40 to sit at the back of the grand circle. I wouldnt say these were great seats, you're too far away from the stage! I felt really sorry for the people right at the back! Anyway, there were 3 understudies on (Dr Dillamond, Nessa and I think the Midwife) which i guess is fair enough for a matinee but Im not used to having 3 people off for a performance. The one thing that immediately struck me was the accents! Why are they doing a blatent american show in english accents?! It just completely jarred with the singing and dialoge and I felt the actors were contantly struggling against it. Highly silly if you ask me! There are plenty of american musicals in the west end, I dont see why they thought this one should get rid of the accents. Kerry Ellis is a very good performer, I felt like she put her all into the part and the character grew. And, to be fair, the understudies were very good. Dr Dillamond and Nessa were two of the best characters onstage (both done by understudies). The sound was very annoying though and often far too quiet to bring the people at the back into the action! Also it's a very 'knowing' show. The references to the Wizard of Oz were very blatent, the actors may as well have winked at the audience when they said it and a lot of good moments were ruined by these knowing bits. I enjoyed it to a certain extent but certainly wouldnt see it again and certainly dont understand the hype!!!

I love this show. saw it yesterday at the matinee (9th June) Kerry Ellis was amazing and i got chill during defying gravity. And Oliver Tompsett as Fiyero was awesome. Helen Dallimore was a bit high pitched but she acts well enough. Cant wait to see this show again!!

Okay it's not without flaws but Kerry Ellis is a fabulous singer and though I thought her acting was a bit under-par, her singing was the blow-you-away brilliant kind. Helen Dallimore not only sang brilliantly but acted her socks off, her facial expressions are worth the ticket price alone. The rest of the cast performed well as well. It's a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon/evening, and the experience will stay with me for a long time. The standing ovation at the end the show was entirely deserved.

Saw wicked on Thursday. Easily the most energetic, exciteing show that I have ever seen in my life, and i've seen most of the major shows in London. Kerry Ellis was phenomenal, and gave absolutely the greatest performance i have ever seen or heard, at one point her voice left me stunned to the point that i couldn't move, and I had goosebumps throughout the show. It was also clear how good the chemistry was between the cast members, and that they all really enjoyed the show. Everyone put full energy into the performance. This show was one of the best experiences i have had, and was well worth the £60, and was easily the best show i have ever seen. P.S, this show is far from starting to die. Judgeing from thursday night's performance, this show is as fresh as ever!

lol soz put four stars accidentaly

Now here is the truth about Wicked. Kerry Ellis makes a fabulous lead- she truly is amazing. The guy who playes Fiero was also lovely, and he had real soul. The other characters were forgettable; vocally flawless- but forgettable nonetheless. This is a show of 'spectacle'. It has big scores, elaborate set, costumes, spectacular effects, etc. It's one to make your jaw drop and gives you 'chills up the spine' of the physical sort with it's gradeur and dramatic music. Chills of the more emotional sort are thinner on the ground, however. The whole thing is so 'sparkly' I personally didn't 'connect' with any of the characters. It was a brillliant but very self-conscious performance; I never forgot that who I was watching were actors. This could have been due to a number of things, but I think it was the emphasis of spectacle over content, the heavily merchandised nature of the whole experience, and the screaming fans. They really were annoying. It was obvious that many were not regular theatre-goers and didn't know theatre ettiquette (when to clap, when to shut up, when not to have a whispered conversation, and when NOT to whistle!!) They treated it like a pop concert rather than a piece of theatre. I don't want to sound snobble, but for me the theatre is an experience. For a few hours you live and breathe what happens on the stage, you become involved, and that it why it is called Art. Here, we were not 'audience', but 'customers'. We were 'buying' a bit of Wicked. The atmosphere was fake. Having said that, it's no reflection on the show itself. The fact remains that the performers are truly fantastic, and three hours or so of entertainment were surely had. Go- but don't expect a 'deep' experience!

This really is the worst show I have seen in a very long time, most of the company work hard but nobody stands out as anything other than average. Very disappointed, I cannot believe it has the following it has altough most of the people 'screaming' around me were aged about 16, not a good house either, the show is obviously dying off a little. 1 point for the set.

Saw this show for the 5th time on monday. It isn't the most inventive musical but my is it a brilliant night out! So much fun, enthusiasm and belting that will blow your ears out! Kerry Ellis is an amazing Elphaba, her voice is flawless! A brillaint replacement for Menzel. Annalene was on for Glinda and why she isn't full tim Glinda I don't know. She was awsome. Her singing was brilliant and her acting flawless. Amazin women! Overal this show keeps getting better and better, it may not boast a big American name but with our own home grown talent the show is in excellent hands and will just continue to get better and better!

I've seen this in the past and enjoyed it enough. However I saw it on sat 17th March. Wicked has now lost its magic, novelty and soul. It was the flattest performance I have ever seen in the West End. I hate to say it, but i think maybe the show is suffering from the absence of Idina Menzel. There seems to be no spark anymore and performances have definately dropped down a gear. It has lost it's pace, infuriatingly suffering from the longest pauses between dialogue. I was actually bored for the first time with this show. 8 Months into the run and the show is slack technically, with awful sound quality and late lighting cues. At one point Kerry Ellis' spot finally came on half way through a song. Just small things that add to the overall feeling of tiredness. During the interval the steps of the Apollo Victoria were peppered with people making similar comments to these, which was both reassuring and disheartening. I do like this show, but the current London production isn't doing it justice. Maybe worth seeing again after July with a new cast.

Saw it again last Monday for the second time; having seen it on Kerry Ellis' first night, it was obvious last week how the chemistry between the two leads has developed. Saw Andy (?) as the understudy for the Wizard and thought he gave a far better performance than Nigel Planer.