We Will Rock You



The Longest Running Musical Play Indeed

We Will Rock You deserves to be the longest running musical play. The striking blend of songs by Queen and the captivating storyline mesmerizes all and especially people like me who are passionate about rock music. This winter, I am going to relive rock with this amazing musical show for sure.

After the initial culture shock of the first 20 minutes of this futuristic musical I am pleased to say I got into it and enjoyed it. I think people who do appreciate proper music played on instruments and not manufactured music will appreciate and understand the very tongue-in-cheek, witty story (written by Ben Elton and Queen) which is based on the music of Queen and manages to link together over 24 songs. The story is set 300 years in the future in a world where proper music has been banned by the Global Soft Corporation. Any rebels who are interested in music are sought out and captured. There were some likeable characters that were appreciated by the audience, the main 2 being Galileo Figaro and Skaramoosh. There were also guest appearances by Kevin Kennedy (Pops), Jonathan Wilkes (Khashoggi) and Brenda Edwards (Killer Queen). All of the singers and dancers were extremely talented, and although the tone of the show was mainly light-hearted, I was particularly moved when the cast paid tribute to rock stars that had died too young including Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison by featuring the Queen song No One but You (Only the Good Die Young.) I also agreed and cheered and clapped very loudly to ‘Pops’ anti-Big Brother statement along with a lot of the audience! The atmosphere was electric and the cast received 2 standing ovations which I haven’t seen in many years! As long as you are prepared to let your hair down, not take a show too seriously and have fun, We Will Rock You rocks!

A witty script and some awesome songs. We Will Rock You is one of the best musicals I've seen since Wicked.

I loved this show, it was so good. I don't know why people slate it so much, musicals are meant to be a form of escapism, not to be taken too seriously and WWRY is a perfect example of it. I loved the whole cast especially Sabrina Aloueche and Mazz Murray. i saw this on the 27th March and i thought everything about it worked. Cant wait to go again!

Absolutely brilliant, funny, world-class singers and a spectacular set! Take a big bow for the band!! Ricardo Afonso - u rock!

i personally loved it and think all of the people who have been putting ben elton down are lacking a sense of humor, read any of his books and you will se that the man is a genius ( recommend blind fait or dead famous for starters)

For some reason this year I have booked tickets for those shows I swore I'd never see: Grease, Dirty Dancing and now, God help me, We Will Rock You. If a great musical requires a great book then it is fair to lay the blame for this farrago entiely at the door of Ben Elton. What passes for a plot makes little sense and the script is ludicrous, cringingly unfunny and frequently crude. The sound system trades volume for clarity, not helped b some shockingly awful performances (take a bow of shame Killer Queen) which render familiar songs incomprehensible. This might be deliberate of course as it disguises the fact that most of the songs have virtually no relevance to the story. Ultimately though it's best to succumb to the lowest common denominator of some of stadium rock's most memeorable anthems and try to ignore my wife's request to see the whole thing again.

Utter, utter, utter, drivel. Don't go.

..Scaramouche? I am not sure but I am guessing her name David Stevens of Duelkan, Germany.

Great show! It really is very good and i havn't heard ONE bad review from members of the public outside theatre based discussion boards. Thanks Queen and Ben Elton for such a great night out!

I saw the production in September-7th to be precise at the Dominion. What a brilliant show. Who was the actress who played Scaramouche she was outstanding Well done Brian May, Ben Elton and the cast and production team. David Stevens Duelken Germany I made a mistake should have been 5 not 3

I saw the production in September-7th to be precise at the Dominion. What a brilliant show. Who was the actress who played Scaramouche she was outstanding Well done Brian May, Ben Elton and the cast and production team. David Stevens Duelken Germany

Will whoever is putting up postive reviews for this most awful of awful productions please stop it. Stop, Stop, Stop! You must have some vested personal intersest in the show to be doing this. You are misleading people into throwing there hard earned money on this white elephant and for that - Shame on you! Have some integrity. Where do you start? To be fair the cast give it there all but it is Ben Elton's pitiful, thinly written, cliched script whick drives it, sadly not "defying the laws of gravity", into the ground. Shocking, absolutely shocking! He gives the audience absolutely no credit whatsoever. Could he or the production team not think of a better way of lacing song after song into the story in a less cruder way. Elton bluntly drops in each number in the most excruciating of excruciating fashions - the pattern becomes familiar - You feel it coming, you hope it doesn't, your fingers are now under the seat clutching it tightly, twisting your face and closing your eyes hoping it might be diverted at the very last second , NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, then bang - too late! Maybe Mr.Elton should take example from the excellent "Our House" on how it should be done - Subtle and intelligent. The biggest kick in the teeth is that Queen's greatest and most popular hit, "Bohemian Rhapsody" is not even in the show. It is used only at the very end as the encore song. Mr Elton and his band of merry men must think that by leaving the audience with a smile on there faces they will in turn forget what preceded it. I can see how "We Will Rob You", oops sorry...i mean, "We Will Rock You" can appeal to the Queen fan who is happy just to sing along at every opportunity and not notice the silliness of the plot and script. And now I read that they are planning a sequel!! An enquiry demanded - Rubbish..

I think it is the greatest musical ever,Its funny sad happy exiting ect

All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! It's a must see.

This is the worst musical I have seen. I have seen the awful Fame, but this is truely the worst. The music is good but I still prefer to listen to Queen recordings. This musical is so badly written that it will make you cry.

This show just blew me away!!! I just loved it extremly much!!! All the lead characthers are brill, especially The Killer Queen... WOW!

I don't care what anyone else thinks this is a mind-boggingly brilliant show. The singing and acting was fantastic and I would erge everyone to go see it!

'We Will Rock You' is the best show I have ever seen! I found it even better than Phantom of the Opera and Starlight Express which is strange because I'm only 15 and didn't really have an interest in Queen music beforehand. I really want to go back again and see it a second time. The cast are all so talented, Tony Vincent being my favourite-his duets with Hannah Jane Fox who plays Scaramouche are great... especially 'under pressure', and the Killer Queen who performed songs like 'Another One Bites the Dust' was very popular with the audience as well. The songs are performed brilliantly and the way they put them together and bring a storyline to fit in with them is so clever. The show has had a standing ovation EVERY NIGHT ever since it started in April 2002 and it is easy to see why. This is definately one to go and see.

i loved every second of it !!!!

The script is mind-numbingly cringe worthy. The visuals are good and Queen's songs are the only thing worth going for, but one could buy a CD for less than £15.99 which is much better value really.

The script is mind-numbingly cringe worthy. The visuals are good and Queen's songs are the only thing worth going for, but one could buy a CD for less than £15.99 which is much better value really.

Fantastic singing out of this world

The word Spectacular was surely invented for this show. A truly stunning visual feast backed up by some of the finest voices on the London stage. I was another who saw mostly understudies, but you don't get to be an understudy for a show of this scale unless you are exceptionally capable. A very funny script was another highlight, as was a band of surpassing quality. Excellent

Wish I live in England so that I can watch it again and again and again!!! Unfortunely I'm back in the US...

Great cast, great voices, and great songs made up for the lame plot. but then, it's understandable--why dun the critics who actually dare to rate this anything under 5-star try to put 31 Queen songs in one musical? Definitely worth seeing.

Going again next Monday (1st Sept) for the 17th time - so I think that tells you what I think. Its vibrant and hugely entertaining to anyone from 6 to 80. The storyline does sound a little extreme, but then again how could you bring nearly 30 queen songs together if not. Cast are superb, with Tony Vincent excelling in the role. Roll on next Monday.

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Just got back from a few days in London, seeing Les Miserables on Wednesday then We Will Rock You on Thursday. This is the best musical I have ever seen (and that's quite alot!). The cast are amazing (even though I was initially dissapointed at getting the understudies for Galileo and Killer Queen, they turned out to be amazing talents well worthy of the lead role) and constantly give 100%, the set was unusual even though it was very complex (and, to all those critics who said big computer screens wouldn't work, it worked brilliantly; the words being shown in 'One Vision' we exactly at the right time). I cannot stress enough how much I'd recommend this show, I would go every night if I could afford it! Scaramouche was by far my favourite character; she sang some stonking songs with style and energy whilst delivering some hilarious lines. I had preconceptions of a really dreadful script, however, I thought the actors made the most of it, providing a hugely entertaining break from the fantastic songs! I'd give it 6 stars if I could!

We will- We Will BORE YOU!!Man Alive!!!What a waste of my time & money!Couldnt wait for the interval, and when it came the chance to run away bravely was taken.I was very surprised as I am a fan of both Ben Elton and Queen and I really wanted to like it.6th Form 'A' Level drama is the phrase that springs to mind.Sorry-Big Vick!!

One of the best shows in the West End at the moment, it's got the wow factor, the amazing singers, a 'different' but funny script and an amazing band. Oh one thing - the music of Queen. The show is a masterpiece and it seems that the negative press it recieved as turned around as it has became the West End's biggest show. You'll have an amazing night at this show, coming out singing the songs and feeling buzzy all inside. The talent whether understudies or not are amazing. Don't diss it until you've seen it.

I waited a whole year before relenting and going to see this, having been put off by all the negative reviews. I am so pleased I went. Who cares about plausible story lines and the like when you have a cast like this that give 110% They were all fantastic. They put so much in and obviously got so much out of doing this show. The songs were superbly performed. The audience was great. The atmosphere was electric from the moment the first note sounded out from the band. Everyone joined in. The audience ranged from 8 to 80, so they were not just die-hard Queen fans. This show seems to appeal to everyone. Everyone seemed to leave on a high. I've never seen so many smiling faces. If you want something deep and meaningful then there are plenty of serious dramas out there, but if you want a fun night out, where you can get caught up in the magic of it all then We Will Rock You is definitely for you. Jan Briggs

Ben Eltons book is the worst thing ever so boring and cringe worthy, the performances are OK, the choreography is disappointing for a show of this size but queens songs are good but then better done by Freddy so just buy a cd which is about £35 cheaper than seeing the show and lasts a whole lot longer

This has to be the best ever musical ever seen on stage. For the minority who didnt like it - get a brain transplant. How can you knock this show based on the price of a drink? The show is just BRILLIANT!

I have been to see it twice now and the second time just as good as the first. Minor cast changes aside second time around with understudies playing parts but who cares when the whole cast are talented? yes the story is a bit silly in places but who cares when the performances are so good! Avoid talking it too serouisly and just go with the flow, relax and have some fun! And i will be seeing this for a third time no doubt.

Should rename this We Will Rob You as the prices they charge for a start are daylight robbery and £2 for a 60p Coke is a disgrace.. The show itself is professional but shame the leads of the shows are always missing and as good as the undertudies are,I feel cheated not to see the same show as the critics for my £50 as why have leads if they are not the best the producers can get.

I was put off going to see this show last year by all the bad reviews but due to circumstances beyond my control (a show I had booked for closed early) I decided to take the plunge and go and see it. What are the critics talking about? This is one of the best musicals I've seen. It has everything you could want in a show, great songs, fantastic staging and a brilliant cast and it's also very funny particularly sending up the manufactured music industry. The only (slight) disappointment was that of the seven main characters five were played by understudies (Sharon D Clarke and Clive Carter played their roles) but I must give a big thumbs up to MiG Ayesa who played Galileo and I also got to see two fellow Scots playing Britney and Meat so that was a little plus.

Well...the music is great, and the cast are fabulous. It's just...the story is so tiresome. The script has funny parts but is brought down by the fact, well, not a lot is happening onstage. I prefer my theatre with a bit more soul, although this is a fun night out. MiG Ayesa as Pop was particularly noticable, especially for an understudy. His comic timing is impeccable. And Hannah Jane Fox - it's all been said before, but she is amazing. I just can't help but feeling this incredible cast deserve something with a little more substance to work with.

A great Show the music was amazing. I was listing to Alex Jessop singing I could have have been at a Queen concert. Great show great cast. Flora

I saw this show again for the third time last week and they still rocked me. There have been a few minor changes over the months. The volume seems to have gone down a bit so turn it up please. But it's still a great show even if the understudies are performing. Just saving up my pennies for visit number 4. Only complaint is the pricing but they're filling the place so I suppose they'd say they've got it right. Heard a rumour about a follow-up. Anyone heard anything?

am an american theatre student who saw the show back in november and thought it was the most fun night out you could have at the theatre. so it's not shakespeare. leave that to the globe. this is just wicked fun and the music is brilliant. and yeah, of course tony vincent is gorgeous. you should go!

You must see this show- its totally amazing, the best show I have seen for years. Tony Vincent totally blew me away with his performance- its worth seeing for that alone (and he is simply gorgeous girls !) Hannah Jane Fox was also brilliant. I have never laughed or clapped so much, the time flew by so quickly I can't believe it lasted 2 and 1/2 hours. Brilliant entertainment- can't wait to go again.

OH MY GOD!!! WOW Im so spechless well... not when it comes to Tony but anyway i just wanna say That is the best musical ive ever seen since StarLight Exspress and ive seen loads since then! Then it come to the music WOW its Fab!!! And the cast are evan better i love it soooooo much im seeing it for the 2 time. And hasnt hannah jane fox got HUGE lungs Shes a Fantastic Singer along Tony Vincent WoW He is a Stuner and a Great Singer and you cant forget the rest ther great too all there hard work to bring us this FANTASTIC musical!

Best show we have ever seen. Been twicw and hope to go again VERY soon!

If you can't say something nice...

Pure genius! Fantastic show. Great cast. Great talent. Luckily not a 'well this is the story of Queen' type musical. If you want that tune into channel 5! My praise goes out to Tony Vincent , Hannah Jane Fox and Sharon D Clarke! The humour was a little cheesy at times but it's not solely about the comedy its about all round entertainment and that is exatly what it was! Well done guys!!!!!!

wwry is the most EXCELENT thing i have ever seen in my life!!! the actors are amazing at singing, dancing and acting. i love it and i really want to go and see it again!! EVERYONE HAS to give it a rating of 5!!!!!!!

I would urge anybody to ignore all the bad reviews that the critics gave this show and heed the good advice of the general public. This is a fantastic show with superb music (obviously) excellent vocals and as for the stage sets and special effects well... need I say more? Don't bother going if you're expecting a serious piece of theatre, go if you want some good fun and a laugh! GREAT STUFF

I have just been to see WWRY and completely loved it. I have just read the reviews on this site by other people and find myself questioning how anyone could say the show was anything other than brillant!! When I went last week, the couple sat next to me were from America and up to the first half of the show, hadn't come across a Queen song that they knew!! How on earth they could understand the humour was beyond me but they were still enjoying it.! I thought that Tony Vincent was stunning and I have been on his own website trying to find out more, and where to buy his CDs. So good looking too!!!!! The only disappointing part for me was that the audience didn't seem to 'get into' the mood enough. I just moved to the back of the dress circle and danced the night away anyway!! Pure brillance!!!!! More, More More

Magnificent show! Shame that so many of the ensemble have now left as together the whole cast were fantastic - all so talented from the leads to the swings - brilliant performers. A MUST see show

Absolutly amazing!

This show is shambolic. Awful script,terrible choreography. A blatant attempt to extract money from the memory of a legend. We will rock you is a piece of trash and should be confined to the waste bin.

i went to see it and thought it was a bit tacky but beats that pile of rubbish they call mama mia sit back and chill for two hours

If I could give it 10 I would. I've been twice. I'm not a fan of Queen(or rather I wasn't), nor a great fan of BenElton but I loved it. The music couldn't be better. The storyyline isn't strong but it doesn't need to be, You go to be entertained not educated. The cast are brilliant. Hannah, Tony & Kerry in particular. Everyone i8n the cast gives 110% and more. Fabulous. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a good fun night out.

I personally wish i could give this 6,7 or maybe 8 stars, This is real magic, absoloutly wonderful The plot is very tongue in cheek but wasn't that queen's approach in everything?? I know that queen come up the idea of a stage musical in 1986 so that rubbishes the thought of freddie turning in his grave.The critics and all the narrow minded people talk out of there back sides saying this is not worth money-it so is, its worth it just to see the unforgetable Hannah Jane Fox-She IS AMAZINGLY TALENTED,HAS A MAGICAL VOICE and is completly gorgeous-The best voice i've heard in a while (better than ALL those pop rejects that litter our charts today) A MUST SEE!!

Good music, no proper story and the lighting was pointing at the audience. I had a splitting headache the next day from this. I would have rather seen a tribute band.

Just flicking through the comments ~ Why go if you don't like Queen? Why go if you don't like Ben Elton's writing?? It's not a homage to Freddie! Is a fantastic tribute to Queens music and a comedy (by the way, that's what Ben Elton does, comedy!!) The best night out we'd had for ages, we laughed, we sang and we went home smiling. That's what it's all about. I'm sure Freddie would be smiling, not turning in his grave. He has given the world fantastic music which has given some great actors something to work with and extended his music to a broader audience by creating this sensational show. Go see it!! PS: I'd have given it a 10 if I could! (M&A)

A brilliant show. Lively and colourful. I saw it last week, and am coming back with my husband to see it again.

WOW!!!! This is one amazing show-the BEST musical i have been to. The cast are excellent, especially Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox, Kerry Ellis and Sharon D Clarke. A must see for any Queen fan :o)

So the story is a little bit silly but the script is very very funny. The cast ooze talent and every single person on that stage gives it 110% - no wander they get standing ovations every night! The priciples are sensational. Hannah Jane Fox's Scaramouche is amazing and Kerry Ellis's Meatloaf is just as powerful. I can't understand why this show got such bad reviews - it's simply brilliant and will blow your mind!

This show is AMAZING! Tony Vincent is the best current broadway actor there is. JUST GO, you won't be disappointed. Hearing him sing We Are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody alone is worth the trip. I came from the U.S. to see it, and was so happy I did.

went to see this two days ago, queen not my era or type of music but it was brilliant. i was buzzing all night and cant wait to go again, in fact im booking my tickets right now!!!!

Ive stopped bothering how many times Ive seen this. I think its around 7-8., but could be more. Quite simply this musical blows everything else you have EVER seen out of the ground. 'pop', 'galileo', and 'scarmouche' simply had the audience EATING out of their hands last night in the last 15 minutes, with almost EVERY line getting a laugh. And as for that explosive ending.....Simply unbelievable!! Oh, and the simpe fact of course that it ends with the greatest song ever written in the past 100 years!

wow!! what an amazing show!All the cast were fab, the band were tremendous and the script funny! Tony Vincent and Hannah-Jane stole the show! There voices are so strong and brilliant, I met all the cast after the show and there all such lovely people aswell! And Tony is very good looking!!



In a league of its own really...You just cant compare it to ANYTHING else on the west end stages at present. (except maybe out house and taboo). Ive lost count how many times ive seen it-Its either six or seven. gonna see it again next week!

I'm from Colorado and recently spent 10 days in England. We went to see Mama Mia for a second time because we loved it in Denver. But then on a tip from a couple standing in the ticket line at Leicester Square, we went to see WWRY. We absolutely LOVED it! It was way better than Mama Mia and we loved that too. Tony Vincent was incredible and I couldn't believe he could sing as well as Freddie Mercury if not better. We even decided to go again the next week and even though Tony Vincent was not performing we were fortunate to see Hannah Jane Fox that time. We were glad we saw it the second time and if it were not for having to fly back to the US we would have seen it again. Now we're waiting for the show to come to Broadway or do a US Tour. To think I almost missed going to the show because of the stupid critic reviews! If I lived in England I would probably go at least once a month! My hands hurt from clapping so hard and so much! This is a definite must see if you like music. It is the best musical I ever saw and I enjoyed it as much seeing Queen in Los Angeles many years ago!

We have now been to see this show 3 times and think that it is brilliant. The acting and singing - fantastic. Tony Vincent has a real stage presence and the rapport between Tony and Hannah Jane Fox make this show very special.

verry good

What a fantastic show. I have just been for the THIRD time. The electricity that flows throught the auditorium is electrifing. The performance of the cast and singing is suberb.Eat your words you narrow minded critics. The best muscical i have ever seen and i have seen most of them. If you havn't been yet then be sure to book you seats for a night of magic you will never forget. I take my hat of to you Ben, Brian and Roger. Freddie would of been proud of you all!!!!

Absolutely brilliant, and I'd give it 500 stars if I could!! :-) I saw Grease the day before, but that just pales into insignificance at the side of WWRY!! Utterly fantastic - and I think Freddie would've loved it!! :-) Ben, Brian, Roger - you should be immensely proud of yourselves and I can't wait for the sequel!! :-) I didn't get to see Tony Vincent (sob), but Andrew Derbyshire was fantastic as Galileo, Kerry Ellis did a great job as Meat, and Hannah Jane Fox as Scaramouche was the highlight of the show - what a voice!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! :-) Very, very impressed - I want to see it again!! :-)

Saw the show the first time because the critics disliked it so much,there talking out of the bum. Consider it one of the best shows I have seen,and I have seen quite a few, nothing like the critics said,it is great and funny,the cast are all very good,and wish them a long stay at the theatre. ray

Well what can I say, it's a must see show, with fantastic proformances given by all especially Hanna Jane Fox and Tony Vincent (go see ladies he's gorgeous) A real bums off seat show guaranteed to get you going. If you didn't like Queen before you will now.

i'd give it more stars if i could. It was the most breathtaking event of my life! absoloutely marvelous performance by Tony Vincent as for the music, words cannot describe it! IT definately rocked me out of my seat! NICE ONE ELTON!

i'd give it more stars if i could. It was the most breathtaking event of my life! absoloutely marvelous performance by Tony Vincent as for the music, words cannot describe it! IT definately rocked me out of my seat! NICE ONE ELTON!

i'd give it more stars if i could. It was the most breathtaking event of my life! absoloutely marvelous performance by Tony Vincent as for the music, words cannot describe it! I definately rocked me out of my seat! NICE ONE ELTON!

WE WILL ROCK YOU. Nigel Planer (one of the fabulous stars of this show, doing a much older version of Neil the Hippy) said, "I would describe the overall plot as bloody stupid - which we like!" And we do! The plotline is totally and utterly rubbish. It is a feeble, shoddy story. What makes it work is the SCRIPT. The book that Ben Elton wrote is full of brilliantly witty innuendos that tie in beautifully with the characters. And the singing - most definitely the best I have ever heard. Tony Vincent and Hannah Jane Fox are fan-bloody-tastic as Galileo and Scaramouche - just you try and hold back the tears during 'Who Wants To Live Forever'. And the final 15 minutes are guaranteed to blow your mind. I won't spoil the plotline - it's so predictable you'll probably guess it anyway - but i WILL tell you that you will never have guessed the final destination in a million years! This is amazingly, fabulously, wonderfully, brilliantly funny - you will love it whether you like Queen or not!

I have been going to musicals in London for over 15 years now and I am a huge fan of Queen so I was in two minds about going to WWRY. Would it redicule the experience of Queen Live? Would it devalue musicals? I went to one of the Dress Rehearsals. WOW blow your mind or what! Musically superb, technically difficult and acting as good as the 'big guns'!!!! Kelly/Hannah/Tony/Sharon/Alex outstanding, so much commitment and interpretation, supported by a world class chorus. The story, ok a bit fansiful at times but all plausable, worked well with the songs and the staging added another dimension. I am going to go back again and again. If you haven't seen WWRY yet then your life is poorer as a result. If you have you know what I mean. Rock You!!

How glad I am,that I totally ignored the caustic reviews by the majority of so called 'critics'when this show first opened! I suppose in some ways you have to feel sorry for them.They must be very narrow minded people, who hate the thought of change or something different.The good bit is,the general public have made them eat their words!! I've been to the show twice, and will be going again shortly.On both occasions,the singing and acting was brilliant,the set was bright and futuristic and the atmosphere was electrifying.If you want to be invigorated and feel alive and happy,I would urge you to go and see it!!Alternatively,listen to the critics and go and see a tried and tested musical, where you can set your alarm clocks to wake you up at the end!!!

Qualify my score by saying if you're not a Queen fan, you'll mark it lower. But, if you are a Queen fan, you'll want to give it a six! Brilliant, especially the music, but also the gags, the lighting and the cast. Scaramouche and Meat rock!!!

Fantistic Show - saw it last night - the atmosphere, the songs, the voices, the buzz!! - I will never forget that experience!!! - Absolutely Brilliant

I actually watched this show back in october. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, i agree with those that say the story wasnt all that great, but is that really what it was about? the singing nad pure entertainment of the show more than makes up for it. I came out of the theatre feeling good, singing the songs and tapping my feet. Im a bit young to remember queen in their time so wasnt all that up on their songs, but its a very enjoyable show for sure so GO SEE IT!!!

This was the best show I've seen. Excellent performances. I didn't want it to finish and will definitely be seeing it again.

REVIEW WITH A DIFFERENCE! Right, I haven't actually seen this show yet but I would just like to get this whole point off my chest as it is obvious why certain people are giving shows such as this a low 'score'. It really 'bugs' me when people say 'look at the old Queen we knew'. Fair enough, it's songs written by Queen but it is NOT, and i repeat NOT a musical ABOUT Queen (there is no call for this in musical theatre). It seems there is a serious lack of musical-writing talent out there, and, because producers need to keep new things coming (and let's face it - we'd all moan if nothing came out as all we'd get is revivals), so it just seems they have to use past 'pop' songs as it were to fill the slots of musical numbers. Of course, if a show uses Queen music, it's going to be attractive to Queen fans but I seriously doubt whether this is the real intention. So I think it's about time people took these type of shows for what they are rather than comparing them with their 'roots'.

Unmissable. The best night's entertainment in the West End.

Looking at the other reviews you either love it or hate it. Well I loved it, and it appeared that everyone else in the theatre loved it. Some good laughs and above all fantastic music that had everyone up and dancing, shouting for more. I have been a huge queen fan for many years and this was an opportunity for a new take on their music. Absolutely brilliant. When can I go again!

I went to see the world premier of WWRY and i was blown away, the energy from the cast and band, just oozes off the stage. I was engrossed from the start. I wonder how the critics get away with reporting such garbage, but then Queen have never been "popular" but they were always very good. I'm just saving up now for a trip down to London to see it again. All i can say is, go and see it now. You don't have to be a huge queen fan,you just have to be prepared to enjoy it for what it is........FUN. Well done to Roger, Brian, Ben and all the cast, you must be very proud, i'm sure Freddie would have liked it too.

When i went to watch the show i wasn't sure quite what to expect. But at the end i was absolutly blown away!!! This is one of the best shows i've ever seen. The idiots who have given it one star are the ones who need to be shot not Ben elton! Put it this way i went with a group of 35 people and not one of them had a bad word to say about it! The cast were totally amazing espeacially Tony Vincent (who is totally gergeous,He alone could keep me watching) I brought the cast album and can't stop listening. I shall see the show again, and have 35 people to back me up when i say that you should too. This is not one to miss Go and be rocked out of this world!!!

I am sitting listening to the soundtrak to WWRY and it reminds why I so want to go again. For a few hours you are transported to a place of vibrant energy with one of the most talented casts to grace the West End in a long time. WWRY is fun, it's silly and for it's own unique style is extremely exciting. The vocal talents of Hannah Jane Fox and Kerry Ellis are difficult to compete with and just the sight of Tony Vincent is enough to get any girl on their feet head banging along with the best of them. My advice...go see, this is real culture!

If you only see one musical in 2003 make sure it's WWRY! Forget the usual stuffy, conventional shows, where the audience claps very politely at the appropriate juncture and lose yourself in the unbeatable atmosphere of WWRY. The entire cast are outstanding and manage to do the impossible by performing Queen songs as well, if not better in some cases, than the Masters themselves. Yes the plot is very silly, but that's part of it's charm - it is however surprisingly prophetic. The fact that you find yourself laughing your head off at Ben Elton's predictable one-liners is due mainly to the brilliant delivery by Hannah-Jane Fox, who's performance of "Somebody To Love" is spine-tingling. Special mention must go also to Tony Vincent, who is undoubtedly a star of the future. "No One But You", as performed by Kerry Ellis, is guaranteed to leave you teary-eyed and Sharon D Clarke's portrayal of the Killer Queen is simply fantastic. The finale is worth going to see alone. Pure magic.

Grossartig (marvelous), i`ll be back again in Februar with my 2 children. Greetings and merry christmas from Austria!

I totally disagree with the review shown on your website!!! I've seen the show four times, which in itself shows that its worth more than its been given credit for. Tony Vincent's portrayal of Galileo is powerful and believable and his voice I believe is rivalled by few. Hannah Jane Fox is marvellous - her comic timing is perfect every time and I xan only aspire to have a belt voice as strong as hers! Sharon D Clark's performance - I have found - depends on the night. The first time I saw her (rather than her fantastic understudy!)I was rather disappointed, but she has improved since I must admit. Ben Elton's story, although simple, represents individuality, determination, hope and honesty, and if your reviewer can't appreciate it for its humour and sensetivity then I feel sorry for them. Just think of that scene in the seven seas of rhye, where they bring (or used to) down the film of Queen. The first time I saw that it sent shivers through me. We cried at No-one But You, laughed at Hammer to Fall and were stunned by individual performances in I Want To Break Free and choral efforts in Bo Rhap. Fantastic - a good night out for anybody.

I hate to say this, but whoever wrote the review for we will rock you and gave it three stars was obviously sitting in the audience with earplugs and a blindfold on, because this show ROCKS!!!! Who wants the run of the mill boring musical that seem to be the all the same. We will rock you had a different story that made a point. The one liner sarcy comments from scaramoche are fantastic and the whole cast could sing better then all the people in every musical i have ever seen (thats a fair few by the way). We will rock you does blow your mind and damm straight, what else do you expect from Queen.

brilliant show anyone who says its crap probably hasn't seen it

I'll give this show its due - it was quite entertaining even if it was really just a Queen concert. Ben Elton obvioulsy didn't bother much with a good story line as he knew the songs would sell the show. The plot was very lame, very predicatable and quite silly at times. It felt like some of the songs didn't fit atall and made no sense to the script. Having said that it was visually impressive to watch and all the perfomers, especially Tony Vincent as Gallileo Figaro and Sharon D. Clarke as Killer Queen had voices that raised the roof. At the end I was on my feet with everyone else and waving my hands along to We Are The Champions and it was quite fun. However apart from the great songs the show had little else to offer apart from the occasional funny one liner but it's the songs that people are there for and a good time seemed to be had by all.

I went to see the show on the 9th November and thought it was absolutly briliant. I was a bit dubious someone else singing Freddies songs, but they all pulled it off really well. Well worth seeing.


i think some people missed the point of this show or saw something else I loved every minute! okay so the script wasnt too hot mainly due to the fact it's Mr Elton having yet another pop at society and the government and although some of the links were cheesy just made all the more fun for me. But i'm 19 and even i realised how close to the bone he was in his observations on how technology is taking over. take a look how many letters do you send compared to emails. how many actual bands exsist for the love of music and dont rely on computer effects to change their voices?! not enough. I work in the theatre industry and to me this show proved there are some amazingly talented people (not least Tony Vincent) still out there waiting for the chance to blow you away and this cast features but a few. its a great night out and not at all an insult to Queen. It's not meant as a tribute show its a show with a tribute in it ("no-one but you"). GO open minded and judge for yourselves. my parents are HUGE Queen fans and loved every minute. Great music, great singers, one fantastic party!!!!!! Nice one guys we cant wait to see you all again in the new year!

Brilliant show! Cannot wait to see it again! Worth every pound. This is the musical of the future.

Super show.. I wanna go again !

Absolutely fantastic - it blew me away!As soon as I got home I was on to ticketmaster to go again. It doesn't get better than this!!!

grat show, geat night, the band are very live, very loud and very good. script is hilarious and the performances are amazing, the se is spectacular and the effects are breath taking! GO GO GO

all i can say is that the people who are snubbing this are either lying, taking the p*ss, or just stupid. they're in the SLIGHTEST bit trying to be Freddie - it'd be absolutely impossible. he was unique. what WWRY does is take Queen's best songs and sing them in their own style to suit the mood of the script - and it works. the songs are wonderfully, fantastically, brilliantly sung, and are even better on an emotional standard. i think the actors themselves deserve the most praise - i mean, how difficult is it to take a song written by the greatest rock groups of their time and make it their own? i think theu've all done brilliantly, and i think special praise must go to Ben Elton for writing such a fantastic script to go with the songs. that achievement, in itself, was a milestone. Brian May and Roger Taylor were quite right to make a musical with their music in it. they would have been idiots to try and make a Queen biopic - but they didn't. and that's why it works. wake up and smell the guitar polish.

What a truly excellent show, with a strong and dedicated cast. Its popularity speaks for itself. Any show getting this number of people back in to theatres cannot be all bad, and when its as fun and entertaining as this one, its all good

Fantastic show. Love the music, love the cast, love most of the recycled Elton gags, love the costumes. Not quite as keen on the fact that the only songs used(with the exception of themes from 'Death on two legs' and 'Ogre Battle') are in the Greatest Hits albums - 'Back to human(machines)', 'I can't live with you' and 'Love of my life' would have added immensely to the storyline.

What can i say about this show? amazing, magical and absolutly fantastic!! Im seeing it for my 4th time and proud of it. Its extremley funny and the cast and band are brilliant!

OMG- this show is amazing! With so much talent on display and a script that never gets old, its a must see for everyone. I love it!

Absolutly wonderfol. A kiss from Italy.

i was recently in london with a large group of friends(aprox 40) of differing ages. On our last night we visited the Dominion theatre and saw We Will Rock You....now as only a few members of the group new much about Queen,most of us generally didnt know what to expect. the show itself is lively and energetic and it was the perfect end to a great trip,I definatly found that it appealed to every person in our party and there was not a bad word said about it on the way home....for this reason i would deffinatly recommend this musical to anybody whose either young or young at heart to get down there and see it, its truely brilliant! and if you do dont compare it,its not ment to be like all the others it is unique and probably a one off...but if it isn't as great as im saying then it wouldn't have been sampled on the queens jubilee!!

This was brilliant and i would more than reccomend the cd and getting down to watch it. Brill performance to all the actors well done

I am a life long Queen fan with every CD and Video released. I have up to 3 copies of some of their CD's, one for home, one for the car and the gold plated collection just for pleasure. A friend bought me a ticket to WWRY for my birthday. I went with mixed feelings, believing that no-one could replace the vocals of the great Freddie Mercury. (Just listen to Elton John murder The Show Must Go On at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and on Greatest Hits 3). I was gobsmacked. Fifteen minutes into the show I had already decided that I must come again. The vocals were superb. They did not make the mistake of trying to copy Freddie but every song was clear and there was not a wrong note. If a devoted and very critical Queen fan like myself can be impressed then this show should be around for a very long time.

What a brilliant nights entertainment! Nothing heavy, but an amazing cast singing fantastic music, amusing script if a weak storyline, excellent characters. totally enjoyable, unless you hate Queen, that is...


The cast are amazing...this show is a fantastic night out.

We Will Rock You is a must see. I of the best musical i`ve seen.

Honestly, this is the best show in the West End. Amazing cast and a fantastic show - a must see.

Fantastic. Just go and then go again and again and again. Fantastic, sets, jokes, acting, singing and obviously, music. Perfect.

TONY VINCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL... WWRY IS THE BEST! whoever thinks its crap is obversly blind, death and bloody stupid!

all the people that have put one star want shooting! this is the best show in the west end and how can you slag of tony vincent he his brill and in a class of his own! THIS SHOW SHOULD RUN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

super brilliant fantastic nothing else to say but out of this world

I cannot understand why people knock this show so much, look at the viewing figures, try to get tickets, you can't because it is so popular. Like other reviewers have already mentioned the storyline is nothing to write home about but I think the performances are strong and just having watched it recently for the third time, they have also changed a lot of the dialogue and added a song or two, so at least they are trying to better themselves which is unlike most West End shows. Anyway, if like me you enjoy Queen's music and you just want to get away from reality for a little while then go see the show, you will not be disappointed.

Quick word forthe comment dated 9th May that says the creators of the show are Morons. They must be very rich and happy morons, its sells out nearly everynight. Can argue with public opinion

Best night out in the West End by far, audience participation is growing show by show, it could well achieve cult status

I have see it twice and it is Brilliant. The story isn't the best but it does have some ring of truth about how music is now all produced. The songs are all sung brilliantly as they don't try to copy how Freddie Mercury sang them. Overall its a superb bit of escapism and is truly entertaining.

So good!

It took me a few minutes to understand that it is a comedy, but then I laughed my head off! And the music is great!

can i give it more stars? it was totally brilliant, an amazing show! everyone should see this musical (rock show). i'm in love with Tony Vincent he is so fit and plays his part so well. Hannah Jane Fox asscaramouche was brilliant to, and Sharon D Clarke as Killer Queen was fantastic. i had a couple of techincal hitches when i saw it a second time and Tony's mike broke so the show was stopped but it didn't spoil it. go see it, i urge you! go go go!!!

Tony Vincent.. Hannah Jane Fox.. Alex Hanson.. Nigel Planer.. Sharon D Clarke.. Nigel Clauzel and Kerry Ellis are the hottest things going! This show clearly shows why it is London's number 1 show - cant beat it! The set design.. the songs.. the cast.. PERFECT! Well done Elton n Queen! CANT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

I had no intention of going. After the massacre by the press, I was convinced it was going to be excruciating. Some friends were going so I decided to joined them. But.....even though it was at times slow and even though it was a bit overlong and even though the Ben Elton book was adolescent and even though the conceit was somewhat hypocritical...I have to say it had it's moments. The music was excellent. The lights were great. There were amusing moments. The final 15 minutes certainly packed a punch. Populist entertainment rather than theatre. A rock show with a (sort-of) story. Let your hair down rather than engage your brain. But harmless.

WE WILL ROCK YOU - didn't they just? WWRY is the best musical OOPS sorry 'rock theatrical' in the world!!! the people are fantastic actors and singers, and queen are, of course, brilliant! yes, the plot is cheesy and ridiculous, but that's the whole point! and it's spookily become reality as well!!! GO AND SEE IT NOW!!!

ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICO! Go and see it when you can, its well worth the money. The singing talents were brilliant, all of there voices sent me into shock! Great story linr and very true, its about time manufactured musical becomes ILLEGAL, we need more musicians like freddy and his crew. Not rubbish like Gareth gates that all they are good for is squeeking on stage, half of them couldn't read music if they tried! Well great show, go and see it when you can.

An excellent show! You leave the theatre smiling, dancin, humming, wishing it could have last forever! Brilliant singing, great fun and it all ends up in mindblowing rockshow! Let it blow your mind!!

A stunning production - technically brilliant, sounds GREAT and with a wonderful cast. Where did Brian and Roger find these people? Tony Vincent and Hannah Jane Fox are simply outstanding in the lead roles, with Sharon D Clarke and Kerry Ellis an extremely close second! If you take this production the way it was meant, you will love it - I've been again and again and it is true when they say there is a full house every night and a standing ovation every night. Go and escape reality for a couple of hours - this show really will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!

Ok, the story is VERY cheesy, but who can deny the totally mindblowing vocals of Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox, and Sharon D Clarke? Every member in the audience felt hairs stand on the back of their necks, including me. "Who wants to live forever?" has such emotion to it, and other truly magnificant songs gain a standing ovation. Where does that actually happen every night, which has not lasted for over a decade? Watch out, We Will Rock You is bad, and can take as many knocks as you want to give it.

Excellent show....full of life. A wonderful tribute to Queens music.

Amazing Catchy storyline Amazing talent Tony vincent is as close as anyone could ever be to sounding like Freddie Murcury!

One of the best night's out in London. Foot tapping and rib tickling, this is a feel good show that will have you humming for the next week. A must for all Queen fans.

Over the top and dull to watch.

I really cannot understand all those 'critics' who have slated the show. The music was superb, the performers were too and unlike some of those miserable sods who have written before, I allowed myself to relax, chuckle and tap my feet/clap my hands along to some great rock tunes. Lighten up everybody !!

It was OK. The acting was hideously bad and the guy playing Galileo, understudy, was horrendous at acting but had a great voice. The songs were fab - of course they would be - it's all Queen!! Story and dialogue - awful. The best thing about the whole night was the fabulous Sharon D Clarke as Killer Queen - awesome. Give this lady a show of her own!! What a voice. But overall, despite enjoying it as a dumbed down rock concert. 2 stars. Sorry.

This is such a fantastic show! I didn't really listen to Queen before I saw it, but have been singing the songs ever since. I can't wait for the cast recording! The cast are superb, especially Hannah Jane Fox and Tony Vincent. wish the show all the best for the future. A show this good deserves to go on for a long time.

As below, only this time I am spelling criticism properly

Just to compensate for the two entries below. If you can't be bothered articulating your critism properly, don't bother posting.



Basically this is a Queen tribute strung together by a very weak plot and weaker script. Some of the singers were OK, especially Scaramouche but the acting, as I think someone else mentioned, looked like a 6th form play. There are some good Queen tribute bands around so go see one of those instead and enjoy yourself more for less money.

The set was fantastic, the music and the gags flowed, it was a thoroughly foot stamping hand clapping day out! All the queen hits were played, so even if you are not a huge queen fan you will still find it enjoyable. I well recomend it!

it says it all that the shows 'plot' is about the sythetic nature of pop and how it just makes money out of unsuspecting people....er...how funny then that they sell huge amounts of merchandise in the theatre.....and its a shamelessly put together rip off for queen fans. just buy the cd...its BETTER and A LOT CHEAPER.(Singing by whole cast stunning though..they deserve better)

Captivated from the moment the curtain was raised, it didn't NEED a storyline.

I am completely disgusted at the amount of sad individuals who have taken it upon themselves to dive into their pockets to give the money-grabbers more dough. Youngsters call themselves real Queen fans and say that Freddie Mercury and Queen were extremely camp and the play was camp. Why can you not see that the title has no relevance to the plot and the design has nothing to do with the old Queen that we loved. Take a look at the old concerts and videos. They are fantastic. This load of crap is shameful and should be thrown out of the West End. Crap script, crap set everything is crap. Their is nothing camp about this at all. Camp was a word that was hovered around those who loved Queen at their peak. It was because of Freddie masterful skill and effect on the costumes and videos that this word was used. Freddie is unfortunately dead. So is Queen and you should know that Brian "New Leader of Queen" May said in Cardiff of July 1993 "I don't believe in Queen anymore." Don't believe in this pathetic, whimsical excuse for a show. How dare Brian and Roger allow Queen's name on the front. They were great. This was crap. Go and see a tribute band. They appreciate Queen. Unlike this "musical" and any person who enjoys this. Get a life and see a real piece of theatre!

Absolutely nothing for Old Queen fans at all. This half-baked fiasco is so loose, you could breathe on it and the entire musical would collapse. What a useless idea. The only thing that kept it going was the great music and good singing. A useless piece of musical theatre, but a nice tribute to singing Queen songs.

Made me laugh a lot.

I saw the show at the weekend and I'm now booking tickets for my birthday. Great fun.

It should be a fun night and would have been if Queen had used a decent writer for the story,which spoils the show so much, by the end it is really a shambolic mess.

In response to a comment made on 16th May 2002 - yes this musical will blow your mind. Thats a good thing moron! I'm confused as to how you are using that comment as an insult. Oh well. Go and see this musical. It was the best thing I've ever seen

I am 15 years old, I also went to see this with some friends. We paid out of our own money and it was worth every single penny. I'm saving up to see it again. And then possibly again. It's the best musical I've ever seen, seriously. Ok so the plot won't win any prizes but who cares? Reading it on a page or computer screen it sounds lame but you get swept away with it. The whole audience got really envolved with it. It was fantastic. I really can't sing it's praises enough. The only thing I would have wanted was Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy included and all of Fat Bottomed Girls. My favourite part was when they were talking about Brian May's last request - a guitar solo which enabled him to delay his death by three and a half days. Excellent.

I am 14 years old and a massive fan of Queen. Two of my friends and I went to see this musical and were completely blown away. The plot was shoddy, the characters were way overstated and the whole thing was extremely camp. But wasn't that the whole point of Queen? Ben Elton's varyingly witty script kept the audience interested and the songs worked into the plot was very well done, although they did pass up an excellent oppurtunity to use 'Good old fashioned lover boy.' Scaramouche vs. the Ga Ga Girls was a thing that any outsider in school will have been able to relate to especially with the line that rings so true to many ' They think I'm a lesbian because I don't wear pastels'. All in all it was a brilliant night out. The musical doesn't make you think or even make you feel as if you have learned something but it does something that's very hard to find these days. It leaves you with a smile on your face.

The most useless piece of theatre ever to appear at the West End next to Fame which is just as poor. Great singing. But that's it. Ben Elton really should give up. What a useless and degrading story. Tacky to the extreme and an insult to the glory days of the rock band Queen. Come on Brian. Let's just leave it alone. Come on Ben. You really are a poor script writer for plays. Queen fans stick to watching concerts of old. Theatre-goers stick to plays with decent acting and plot. This is a tacky farce with nothing going for it. BRING BACK FREDDIE!

Really really bad. The worst script ever written, Ben Elton deserves to be shot. Tacky, just awful. Freddy Mercury must be turning on his grave.

Such a fun night out. I highly recommend it.

Having read the critics reviews I wasn't sure what to expect, but this show is fantastic. Funny, silly, great music, great cast and a phenomenal live band. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

Can't wait to go again.

Where did they find such a good cast? They're practically unknown, but boy can they sing. Bohemian Rhapsody live on stage has to be a highlight.

That's it really. 5 stars. Just go and see it.

Absolutely deserved both standing ovations. And that was on a Tuesday night, not a Saturday.

It's just so much fun. With some of the best songs ever written.

ABsolutely Brilliant, If you don't like this then there's something seriously wrong with you. Go and see a doctor or maybe that should be a vet and get yourslef put down. The band and cast are wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful night out.

A bit cringing and a bit pop hype; but excellent. A dare a Queen fan not to enjoy the songs and their portrayal. The night I went I sat behind Ben Elton, and he appeared to enjoy it as much as the rest of us. It's one of the best things I've seen in ages. Thoroughly recommended.

Went to see it on the 19th June was absolutely faaaaaaaaaaantastic !!! Hannah Jane Fox was supberb ! a star in the making Go to see it was worth every penny and rock the night away... great cast, great songs ...... fun story !!!

the poorest "musical" i ever saw

A great fun night,fun,brash,loud - this is not a classic musical but a great piece of entertainment. Went to see the show with a group of twelve aged from thirteen through to fifty plus - all had a great time and several are planning a return visit.

i bet pop idol was more fun to watch.

not good. it was more like a cheap bar show.

no story at all. it did not feel like I wa in a theatre nore like a concert.

Saw the show Jun 1st. No technical glitches and the enthusiasm of the cast and band is overwhelming. The show is best regarded as a 'Rock Pantomime' rather than traditional stage musical. There are good guys to cheer for, bad guys you can hiss at, and a loose story of good versus evil connecting the songs. Excellent , if unconventional.



appaling. Ben Elton should be shot.

I can accept that if you don't like Queen then you won't like this; but otherwise you have to be so far up your own back side not to be able to enjoy this. If you want Shakespeare go see the Bard. If you like Queen then it is because you like to enjoy yourself - and this is total enjoyment. Critics never liked Queen, they were far too much good honest fun, no pretence of amazingly intellectual lyrics - just good tunes and amazing to listen to. Strike a chord? Same as this musical - if you like Queen music, let yourself be entertained.

I thought the show was fantastically enlightening and the effects was spectatular. The radio gaga boys were hot

Go and see this before it transfers to New York. superb performances by a very young and talented cast

Initially we were put off going by the poor press critic reviews, I say ignore them, this show was packed and everyone gave the performers a standing ovation and cried for more, which made the ending ever more special. This show is a unique blend of attending a rock concert and seeing the musical Tommy

From start to finish this show is electric, powerful performances. Killer Queen is role made for Sharon D Clarke, way to go girlfriend

Abba Smabba, Mamma Mia is over Queen is supreme

The costumes were fantastic and I love the whole concept of riducling the music industry and the manufactured music. The show obliviously had very talented singers who only needed a microphone to make their voices sound good. Some beautiful sounds produced, especially the voices of Hannah-Jane and Tony, get out there and see it

Really good, the amount of action going on, onstage really blew me away. The singing was flawless and I really don't like musicals but this was good

As a visitor from New York I want to say congratulations to the cast and theatre. To see a Broadway Show you need to spend at least $150.00 so we americans find the West End amazing value, especially when you see such talent. Great show, we're gonna recommend this to all our US friends!

A group of us went last night, it was excellent. Tony Vincent is gorgeous and the rest of the cast shine too. Ben Elton has written a witty script and with the Queen songs the time flys by and has a fantastic ending! The Theatre was buzzing after the show. Ignore the press go and see it

Wow, what a show, great effects, loud sound, fantastic songs and a wonderful cast especially Hannah Jane Fox! Doesn't deserve the media's poor reviews. If you want to go for a good night out, enjoy Queen's songs and seeing 30 talented people perform, go and see it!

Freddy Mercury would be FURIOUS!! its a terrible cheap and naff show. ( and yet they have the cheek to ask loads of money for it). Its NOT WORTH IT! Go see My Fair Lady instead.

if i could- NO STARS. The most shameless money grabbing show EVER. Its just appaling Dont give them Your money.

Well I guess everyone knows by now that the story is utterly ridiculous and the show was subject to some of the worse reviews I have ever read (with the exception of the singing which was praised everywhere). The story is awful and the script is only very very occasionaly funny but very often bum cringingly cheesey. Set in the future music is banned and songs are programmed by Globalsoft who plan the charts years ahead. Globalsoft is lead by Killer Queen, her arch enemy is Galileo Figaro who must fight to find real musical instruments planted by rock group Queen before their death.... err yes right. However the crap story does not matter if like me you have no expectations of the script working and you just want to hear 31 fantastic songs sung exceptionally well with stunning staging. I must say that Tony Vincent and Hanna Jane Fox blew me away with their vocals on very hard to sing songs - Tony is such a star and the best thing about the show. The staging is utterly amazing with mobile video screens showing images the size of the stage. I really enjoyed the show because the music is the best ever written by a British rock band - hands down - and it is sung by an amazing cast who are all the more amazing because they have to battle against the concept they are given to work with. I would recommend it to fans of the music or anyone wanting to see a stunningly mounted production. The crown loved it today - clapping and cheering. by the end they were ALL on their feet going wild. It is a not a hit with critics but the punters love it. Won't last long though - they have just cancelled all Friday matinees to cut it back to seven shows a week. I give it six months tops. After it is over can we keep Tony Vincent in London please ?

Truthfully, no matter what the reviewers thought...the audience loved the show. As someone wrote earlier on, the audience claps along, sings along and eats up each performance. Yes, the story is moronic...but the music is wonderful. Each cast member is extremely talented and a pleasure to listen to. As long as the show is not taken seriously, most likely you will enjoy it. Personally, I knew Tony Vincent from JCS here on Broadway. He was so excited to see me after the show...and I was thrilled to again hear him sing. Tony is a very nice guy who has unfortunately received a bad rap in london by some very jealous girls since he was there filming the JCS movie. However, he is very talented and really can sing the songs quite nicely. He has a very good following over here, so all of the young girls I know are begging their parents for summer trips to London...should the show still be around.

What an excellent show. A great evening's entertainment. The script is funny, and the cast are great. Tony vincent is superb and stole the show. Can't wait to see it again. I am sure this show will 'rock us' for a long time!

The most fun I've had at the theatre in ages. Just a great night out.

Fun, good cast, great band and absolutely fantastic music.

Absolutely rubbish! When Queen met Matrix and result is pretty poor. Storyline is boring and no higlights at all. If you are not interested in Queen's music the question is: why to go see this. After this I really start to enjoy Chitty Bang.

I went to the matinee on Saturday 18 May, after only 20 mins there was a technical fault and the curtain had to come down. We then had an extended interval due to another technical fault. These 2 delays resulted in I presume there not being enough time for Bohemian Rhapsody, so it was a little dissapointing, I think the Killer Queen was the star of the show and her part should have been expanded! Give it a couple of months when everything is running smoothly and it will be a great show.

The book is truly silly. Isn't this supposed to be a tribute show? Should it be more sincere and serious? The entire staging however is eye-popping. The angelic voice of Tony Vincent's should make Freddy M. proud. I think it'll have a better life in Las Vegas if it ever fails to be extended.

Excellent - if you like Queen, you'll love it - good fun from beginning to end. We were also lucky to see Bryan May!

Miss this one unless you have time on your hands and nothing better to do.

It's a really fun show! yeah, the storyline's not world-changing, there's not much of an ending, and alright, the choreography for the chorus is pretty dull, BUT! The music's WONDERFUL, the characters are great- I love Meat and Brit! the set is amazing, costumes good, cast are SUPERB! Go see it- if you can afford it...

Absolutely Brilliant, The best show in the West End, Miss it at your peril!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously not much story line but brilliantly put together to get in the music of Queen which is after all what it is all about. Ben Eltons humour shines through. Cant wait to go again.

A thoroughly enjoyable musical. Witty in Ben Elton fashion and the music is as good as ever.

Bad! Really, it's bad. Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Who is that idiot from May 9 who criticizes the valid comments of others and can't even string a sentence together properly ? Hang on - now I'm guilty of this moron's crime... needless to say - liked the concert.

Finally! - Something very good and funny! Something new and unpretantious - what a fresh "Rock" for West End!

The music is, without question, fantastic. Why in heaven's name "Don't Stop Me Now" started by the excellent Sharon D Clarke IS actually stopped, I don't know. The script is dire. Ben Elton has shamelessly plundered The Matrix, and his own previous work, to bring us the grab-bag of mixed messages - Blasting Napster, yet professing to bring free music to "the kids"...? Attempting to fit a story around the varied subjects of Queen's songs is definitely no a project to tackle lightly. Elton has shot wide of the mark with his hammy stage school approach, unfortunately.

Nothing more, nothing less. It is good, but it takes the piss out of Queen and insults Freddie Mercury. Ben Elton should be arrested for his dire script with cheesy lines and tacky, loose character relationships. The only thing good about this is Galileo, Scaramouche and Killer Queen who hold the show on their shoulders. If you get rid of them the show is nothing but over-estimated hype. Music is allright, but nothing without Freddie.

I am not a fan of 'Rock' at the best of times but I do like the music of Queen. The band were fantastic but the singers were not the strongest (except Scaramouche). However, this show was gripping and entertaining - the script was funny and mildly corny (exactly what I expected from Ben Elton), the sets a little unimaginative although it was good to see that the Tottenham Court Road tube platform looks the same in 300 years as it does now! The computer graphics were not wildly impressive but the screens' movement was. I was lucky to go on the Charity night (Wed 8 May) when Elton, May and Taylor were in the house - 2000 standing ovation. All in all, I think it will be a hit but with limited appeal. I cannot imagine the Dominion being packed to capacity every night!

Like Ms Bennett I travelled up to London from South Wales to see the show which I thought was very good did anyone expect to hear singing like Freddie,s ? I don,t think so!Tony Vincent,s rendering of Bohemian Rhapsody was excellent . This show was set in the future so prehaps too much for some people to follow.M Hughes.

Utterly utterly poor. I thought I had slipped into the reheasal for a school play written by the sixth formers. Only one decent singer [the girl who played scaramouch] and a few humourous lines from the wonderful Nigel Planer.Oh, and some pretty good computer graphics. Other than that, extremely unimaginative choreography, direstoryline, appalling fake '80's costumes and , well, a complete waste of an evening, let alone £30. And I loved Queen. Ben Elton, you should be ashamed of yourself.Internet Ga Ga indeed.

Who is that idiot from May 8th. You go to the theatre for theatre you horse arse! The creators of WWRY knows this and are morons to have put on this piece of crap with great music but no show. The concepts are great and the technology is all there to BLOW MY MIND, but more amateurs how created this dreak have no idea what they are doing. Why don't they just take it to WS for a one nighter?

Great fun. Don't get too hung up on the story-line because that would be just too pretentious - this is about the music of Queen and, without shame, it promotes the greatness of that great group. If you liked the concerts, rocked in the aisles, got excited by the sheer raw energy of the music, then you'll love this rock show. If you are looking for something else, then what the hell did you spend all that money for?!!

Well here it is and it ain't much. People will go because it has Queen on the front. The script takes the mickey at times and singers just can't cut the mustard like Freddie did. But Tony Vincent carries the enitre show on his shoulders with the help of the Killer Queen and Scaramouche. Give them an award! The show is good, but that's it. Shame. It could have been so much better.

This was a great show. Cleverly written to incorporate the fantastic music of Queen. It was funny, moving and excellently performed. Tony Vincent stole the show. His rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody would have made Freddie proud. Go and see it !!!! J Bennett South Wales.

A bit of a disappointment really,you get all the Queen songs yes, like you get all the Abba ones in Mamma Mia and like that show very little else-another blatant attempt to make music fans part with there hard earned cash on a cast with not a star or class performer in site and a script that is beyond a joke all this for £42.50 if you go on a saturday night,to me just more proof what a big rip off the west end has become.

WOW!! this is the best musical i have seen yet! I have seen Fame and Rent, but this is truely the best! As i am only 16, i thought that the music would be too old and boring, but it wasnt.This musical brought the music from Queen back up to 2002 standards.It was amazing, and i am going to see it again on the 11th May!! See you there!