We Will Rock You

Opened 24 Apr 2002
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We Will Rock You has been created by Ben Elton and Queen. A blend of Science Fiction, Comedy and brilliant songs by Queen.

The time is the future, in a place that was once called Earth. Globalisation is complete. Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies, wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts. It's a safe, happy, Ga Ga World. On Planet Mall Rock 'n' Roll has been banned for centuries. All musical instruments have been banned. Legend persists that somewhere on Planet Mall, instruments still exist.

Somewhere the mighty axe of a great and hairy guitar god lies buried deep in rock. The Bohemians need a hero to find this axe. But the Bohemians must find this hero before the Company does. For if the Ga Ga Cops get him first they will surely drag him before the Killer Queen and consign him to oblivion across the Seven Seas of Rhye. Where is this axe hero? Where is the Hairy One's lost axe? Where is the place of living rock?

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We Will Rock You

By Editorial Staff
15 May 2002
Nine years on, We Will Rock You continues to rock with just as much enthusiasm and as many Queen anthems (31 in total) as the day it opened. Three hundred years into the future, we are cat Read More

Reviewed by What's On Stage User (legacy) on 17 Aug 2009

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