Viva Forever!



Saw the new revamped show. It was good. Favourite performance was Ben Cura singing viva forever. He should have a bigger part though

Awful boring and tediuos

Fantastic cast. Dreadful storyline. These amazing performers deserve better

Ok so some of the songs weren't relevant to the storyline and there are very rushed moments and plots that disappear but on the whole it's fun, energetic & catchy.Went to see it last night and after reading previous reviews was dreading it, but I was v surprised that I really enjoyed it. You can't help but smile when your fav SG songs start and seriously had to stop myself from joining in Spice up Your Life. Hatty Preston deserves a special mention as she was just too funny! This show is not targeted for the critics who are probably looking so intently for the bad that they've forgotten to just relax, enjoy and singalong!! This is a great night out & I will be going again.

FANTASTIC!! It's young, funny and now and that's why most people are slating it because there old and boring. I'm 20 and I absolutely loved it! Story line was great :) cast were amazing with exceptional singing voices! Songs were up to dates and me and my friends were up singing and dancing all the way through!

Very rare that I don;t find something I like in a show except for Loserville and Fantastiks but this Viva Forever was absolute rubbish. Considering the producer it was not anywhere near Mama Mia and as for Jennifer Saunders writing--I could have done better as how innovative to have an X Factor style talent show it would have been better a totally different story where the songs would have fitted better like Abbas did in Mama Mia. I love the cast in other things as they are all talented but apart from Sally Ann Triplet as Lauren who sings well, Sally Dexter murders her Songs and Bill Ward is wasted. As for Simon Slater can't believe her used to be so good as Sam in Mama Mia but here his voice is bad. As for Viva and the girls--well no charisma there at all. The Spice Girls songs are great but here none are ever finished --you only get a few minutes of each song and then when Miss Dexter sings them it takes a while to realise she is even singing one of their songs!!!!. As for the dancers and choreography--all so amateur as even when they could have had a WOW number like in the Spanish Fiesta it was all like cold squid and the costumes were drab and looked shabby. The best was the last 5 minutes of 2 songs for the finale and we could all go home. Also what weak jokes like about Prince Harry and Pippa etc--all very lame. If they took away from this theatre the superb "Ghost-The Musical" for this and this Viva lasts then I lament for theatre taste for sure. Would not recommend and definitely will not go back to see it


Is this crap STILL on? Out damned spice, Out I say!

A poor rip off of mamma mia however no where near as bad as some people make out. It was never going to be a "classic" due to The Spice Girls back catalogue however what is it, well the 2nd half is, is a lot of fun and a good old sing song. It was like being in a 90's disco, without the panda pop!

Utterly dreadful in every respect. I really wanted to like it on some level, but this is totally misguided. A shoddy embarrassing production

A terrible production...embrassing for all concerned, what a waste of time & money...I suspect it will be closed by Easter...

I can't believe that the actual public think this. I saw it last week and thought it was great fun. Cast are exceptional, script is witty and pacey, and though I agree the back catalogue of The Spice Girls isn't Mamma Mia! there are some great songs in there, and some great moments. You can see why the critics would hate this of course - because it's good fun (god forbid!)- but don't let that put you off. It's not great, but it's great fun... and sometimes, that's what you need!?

'INSULTINGLY SHODDY' says the Guardian, one of the better reviews. This show is an affront to the art of theatre making. An excercise in naked commercialism at the lowest level, simply a cynical attempt to revive the long dead corpse that was 'Spice Girls' Even the least talented ex-band memeber couldn't be bothered to show any grace at the premier, but no doubt intends to reap the profits.A disgrace.

I totally agree. I saw this mess of a show last week and hated every second of it. Surely the producers and creative team saw the weak script and book then? What a disappointment.. I thought the set, the story, the song arrangements and some of the cast were just dreadful. Stick to bodyguard - it's not perfect but so much better than this horror.