Top Hat



Tom Chambers is far from being a fred astaire ,give him credit the opening tap dance number was fair ,however chorus hoofers put Tom to shame,he is wrong for the role,his accent kept slipping into a regional english .I left the show feeling a bit vacant,every one sdeated around were uttering similar, he was OK on TV as a finalist ! he cant dance to the standards,I felt embarrassed and could read the minds of the chorus dancers looking at him and cringing as he danced the big numbers the music was aS expected for a west end show ,the props were a little drab ,But I didnt come away wanting more, I felt that one of the TV professionalsv from strictly would of drawn better crowds perhapes that New Zealand chap !

A fantastic evening filled with toe tapping by the audience as well as the cast!

Just saw the show yesterday and still have a smile on my face. Tom Chambers is not Fred Astaire and yes it could have been even better but still I was moving to the rythme and forgot my troubles and my sorrows for almost three hours. I don't remember when that had happened last. And this comes from a frequent theatre goer and a not musical fan. It was lovely!

A first-class show. The Art deco sets and costumes were stunning and every member of the cast a credit to their profession. I can't wait to go again. FABULOUS!

enjoyed every moment, costumes were stunning, singing fantastic, dancing superb, was everything a musical should be.. I hope the show comes downunder The international stars in the audience I was sitting near thought it was fantastic too!

Brilliant fun, both leads are terrific - we left with grins on our faces...

Absolutely brilliant show. I went with a completely open mind as I've never seem the 1935 film version and was entertained right from the opening scene. Thought Tom Chambers uplifting and a talented entertainer. The humour corny & funny especially the Italian character. Money well spent even in this recession!

Absolutely loved it. Tom chambers was in his element, he looked liked he was enjoying every moment and his singing and dancing was superb, a natural dancer, not quite Fred but near as damm it...

Absolutely loved it; the singing, the dancing, the humour, the cast - in fact just about everything. Left the theatre singing (albeit in my head) with a huge smile on my face.

I am afraid I can't share the general euphoria for this show. The music is great, dance routines unimaginative and it is let down by a weak leading man totally outclassed by his female co-star. The coach parties seemed to enjoy it I am afraid I was underwhelmed

This is what is wanted in the West End. Great musical performers and terrific choreography by Bill Deamer. Excellent score and superb sets

Well critics say what you like about this and hope people ignore you all and go to see this show as with this double dip recession Top Hat is what the doctor ordered. good and corny gags with lots of razzmatazz, brilliant Deco sets, superb costumes and a cast that gives it real talent and glamour. The leads in Tom Chambers and Summer Strallen are excellent and in some scenes Summer looked the Ginger Rogers part. The the great ensemble and the main supporting cast of Martin Ball, Vivien Parry, Ricardo Afonso and Stephen Boswell all excellent. For 2 hrs and 40 minutes I forgot all my troubles and problems of the World--isn't this what entertainment supposed to do??? Loved every minute and sure Fred and Ginger lokking down would approve----Broadway--he it comes and I am booked to see it again--this time taking the family and sure they will love it too.

Regardless of what the critics say about the show, I loved every minute of it right from the start!

Well we loved it from the cheap seats