To Kill a Mockingbird



After last year's aberration with Ragtime, this is a welcome return to form for the OAT and just the sort of production they should be staging. The standard of performance was consistently high , led by Leonard , but well supported by the entire cast. Just one unrelated gripe-it was bitterly cold on the night we went and I was looking forward to a glass of mulled wine which has always been a welcome choice at the bar-it was off the menu. The OAT must be mad-they could have sold bucketloads that night!

BRILLIANT.As good as the book. Scout is Fantastic.

I liked it as much as the book!

It started a bit lame, the various narrators and the action took a while to settle in and Robert Sean Leonard seemed a bit like a second rate copy of Gregory Peck in his soft always a bit insecure appearance. But then everything fell into place: the narrative and the over-business at the beginning calmed down and it turn into a breath taking performance both by the children and Robert Sean Leonard. The multiple use of the company was purposeful and helped to provide a magical evening with an almost full moon adding to the magic. I just wished it wasn't so bloody cold. From the technical point of view one should sit more central as the loudspeakers are not ideally placed to closed to the audience and sometime create a disconnection from the actors.