The Winter's Tale Re-imagined for everyone aged six and over

Opened 29 Jun 2013
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'Pray you, sit by us, and tell's a tale. Merry or sad shall't be? As merry as you will. A sad tale's best for winter.' A tale of passion, jealousy, fantasy and fairytale, the play charts the transition from winter to spring, tragedy to comedy, and revenge to romance. It is the story of high adventure where an angry King falsely accuses and discards his family to his later regret

Re-imagined for everyone aged six and over. Tells the story of a lost princess raised by a shepherd and of her secret romance with a prince. As we follow her adventure, we encounter a bear chase, a statue that comes to life, a sheep shearing contest and an unexpected family reunion.


Michael Xavier & Charlotte Wakefield lead Open Air Sound of Music, Jane Asher in Pride & Prejudice - 16 May 2013

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