The Play That Goes Wrong



Very very funny. Booked to watch with my husband for our wedding anniversary. Want sure hen saw venue and size of audience. However we both nearly wet ourselves as it was so funny. Brilliant. Would highly recommend.

what a great show! superb english farce, I don't expect foreigners to appreciate it fully

It's not often that you go to see a play that will have you crying with laughter from beginning to end, and even on the way home, and the next day. 'The Play That Goes Wrong' did exactly all of the above. Before the play even starts the bungling lights technician asks "can you catch?" As he looks up to the lights above, and the clueless stage manager is desperately trying to glue a shelf to the set before it starts, of course to no avail. The play itself is wrought with catastrophe from start to finish, the actors deliver this with comic genius and flawless energy, which will have you "belly laughing" throughout and will see tears streaming down your face. The Play That Goes Wrong is brilliantly directed, flawlessly written and acted superbly with impeccable comic timing, that will have your sides aching. You must see this show before it finishes its run at Trafalgar Studio 2!

No matter how sophisticated, blasé or urbane you are, you will laugh yourself silly, just like us. Empty your bladder before taking your seat. You have been warned...

A pure joy from start to finish

What fun, what superb acting and what a wonderful small theatre studio in which to enjoy this hilarious play. I didn't know what to expect but I wish the play had been twice as long as I was enjoying it so much

I was howling with laughter. My ribs ached from laughing. A wonderful play and a cure for whatever ails you.

The best hour I have ever spent in a theatre. Relentless laughs, it take real talent to potray something this awful so well! I would have stayed in my seat and watched it again :)

This is the funniest play I've ever seen. It's right that it's only an hour long, as it would it outstay its welcome beyond that. Some really great jokes - far better than 'Noises Off', which was too strained to be funny. I don't know anyone concerned with the play - just a punter who p*ssed himself!

I wet myself, never laughed so much at the theatre