The Mousetrap

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2hr. 20min.


It is a great experience, but you must have your expectations right. First and foremost, you must be a fan of Christie's novels. The plot is simple but intriguing. The current (2013) costumes are great, as the are very 40s and give a flavour of the period. The characters are timeless, and it's their freshness that makes the play a classic. The accents are clear and posh, suitably coming from Christie's background, and this makes the play easy to follow for foreign audience. There is a lot of humour in the first act, something that I had not anticipated and that was very welcome. 2 1/2 hours were by very quickly and it was an excellent night. The theatre itself is period and very cosy. Seats very comfortable and very good view of the stage. DON'T read the Wikipedia article, as it reveals the murderer and slightly spoiled it for me. But the people around me literally gasped in surprise!

I have to agree with Roger Lovegrove (see below); the play is pretty damn terrible. Agatha Christie's characters are not very interesting and the acting, though good, was all rather 'period'. But The Mousetrap's got to be taken in the right spirit, and as this was my FIRST EVER PLAY I'm very fond of it. The ending is quite predictable if you've ever read a certain one of her books, which utilises the same plot twist - we all knew by the time the interval came who it was - but this doesn't really detract. I think Terri Paddock has completely missed the point; this is probably the only play which has been running non-stop since the time when it was set in. The Mousetrap is probably the only authentic period drama in the West End, if not England, and makes for a classy night of theatre. Admirable that it's been kept going so long (60 years this year...)

Let's face it. The plot is terrible.Whodunit must be the worst-kept secret in the World. The seats can be slightly uncomfortable. I daresay the quality of the acting can vary wildly, as the actors change from one year to the next, although it was fine when we went. But all of that misses the point. We go to see The Mousetrap to take part in a game. For my partner to threaten to tell me whodunit; for me to threaten to divorce her if she did, only to have her point out that we're not actually married. For us all to promise, at the end, not to tell anyone. It's a giant conspiracy. The audotorium is an architectural gem. It also has the perfect sense of intimacy for a conspiracy. I can't imagine The Mousetrap being such a success anywhere else. Suspend your critical faculties. Go along with the intention of relaxing and enjoying yourself, and that is what will happen to you.


Boy! This is one hell of a night! I was kept guessing right till the end. Everything is just right - from the powerful policeman (masterfully played by Chris Chilton) to the dubious dandy (played with convincing conviction by the ever-young Matthew Carter). This is theatre at it's best. FIVE STARS!!

Absolutely charming. But it could do with 20 minutes cutting from Act 2! Way too long! And the theatre is a real period piece in itself. You HAVE to go and see it though!

As the longest running play in the world, that alone is enough to make me interested enough to buy a ticket. And I was not disappointed. The Mousetrap is a classic Agatha Christie whodunnit, with false trails galore. The actors are superb and it was wonderful to see one of the original cast of Dixon of Dock Green and another from The Brothers starring in it.As for who did it, well we all promised not to tell. So why not buy a ticket now to find out for yourself, you won't be disappointed

This play im afraid to say has definetly had it. It is so old and creaky I thought the production was going to collapse. I am sure Christe's was great in its day but now it is mediocre and boring. Surely it is time for the west end to close this irrelevent play and make way for another more entertaining play? I suggest a transfer of the donmars brilliant accidental death of an anarchist revival.

I saw the show again last November. I know the cast changes every year but one of them was the same as when I saw it in 1994! The show is much better in the stalls (1994) than up in the balcony (2001). The surprises were all still intact or me but my theatre companion was in agony thoroughout. If you are looking for special effect do go. If you want to see a good mystery The Mousetrap is highly recommended over the horrible Woman in Black.


For a Yank like me, seeing this play was a dream come true. Thoroughly English, this classic Christie who-dun-it will be sure to please. The ending was a real surprise!

Typical Agatha Christie with a surprise ending (Mum's the word). As a whodunit fan, I was filled with suspense and the time flew by.

I saw the performace in 1978... I guess the cast have moved on! I remember liking it a lot, though I'm not a big Christie's fan. "So, now that we're partners in crime: don't tell your friends who did it...." (it wasn't any butler I can tell you)

It's dreadful but like a little time capsule so a bit of a laugh all the same. Worth seeing to say you've been. I guess there's no killing it off ever though so no need to rush.