The Lion King

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This was the most visually stunning piece of theatre I've ever seen. The athleticism and talent of the actors was incredible. At times the acting was a little wooden but this was more than made up for by the incredible sets and displays of gymnastics and dance.

This is the most amazing musical extravaganza I have ever had the honour of seeing. Even the trailer on gives me goosebumps and tears of wonder when I watch it. Never mind the story which is pure Disney. It's the sheer artistry from all corners of the world which converge to make this a truly memorable production.

Glad to see its going to tour ...

Can't believe how bad this show was.....saw it years ago and it was very good, now however it is basically a very poor panto with little or no care given to its upkeep. So so expensive...cost over 250 pounds for three of us....what a total waste...first five minutes is good, after that, it's DIRE....not even entertaining for children!

would be very good but cast seemed tired and bored. seemed like a copy of a copy of a copy...

The opening of this show is spectacular. The staging and effects are excellent but for me this show really did not have any real substance or emotion to it. Some scenes were to long and drawn out. I must say I came away disapointed after loving the film version.

*meant to say you cant expect someone under 10 to perform to the same standard as someone twice their age in the previous post! Not that they *can*!

The staging of this musical is inventive yet also quite abstract and suggestive, almost as if it had been made up for a dance piece rather than a full blown musical. I enjoyed it to a certain point. The second half is better than the first in my opinion. The reason for this is that I didnt think the child actor playing the major role of 'young simba' was up to much. His voice wasnt very strong and his acting really not up to scratch. However, I appreciate that when you're under 10 you can be expected to perform in the same was as someone twice your age but I just felt this made the first act rather mechanical and clunky. However the actress playing young nala was full of life and very enjoyable to watch, I think her name was "Natalie Kasanga" Also another big problem for me is that they have lifted a lot of the dailogue directly from the film which made the whole thing feel quite unnatural and broke up the pace. Brown Lindiwe Mkhize was a joy to watch as Rafiki, she had an outstanding voice and was full of energy. She also brought something original to the character so it wasn't just a carbon copy of the cartoon. Even though she wasn't in it a lot, whenever she came onstage all the audience really enjoyed her performance (and she got the biggest applause at the end!) The second act was better, with the adult Nala and Simba. Andile Gumbi (adult simba) and Gloria Onitiri (adult nala) didnt have the strongest voices but they were both good dancers and managest to just about cope with the stilted dailoge they had been given! Timone and Pumba were definately a fave of the audience - they looked and sounded like the characters in the film but I think this was a good rather than a bad thing. They had energy, kept the pace and brought lots of comedy to the show. At times this felt like a glorified pantomime. I would definately recomend it for the kids but perhaps not for someone looking for a more sophisticated musical. One last thing is that this company has some very good dancers, and the numbers where they were the main focus were a joy to watch. (the opening scene is also pretty spectacular!)

WAUW! Just the ouverture gave me goosebumps! It was amazing... The only things i thought were bad were the dancers, who played not good, because it seemed it was the 50000th show they did. Not that strong... And the 2 children who played Simba and Nala were very bad! "I Just Can Wait to Be King" was not well sung. But the rest... After "Les Mis" this is the best show ever on West End!

This is the first time for me to attend a show in a theatre in London,,,Fantastic show!...a must see for all ages!I will definetly attend it again at my next holiday to London.I think it was even better than the movie itself.

This show is AMAZING to say the least. I went to see this production last year Aug 02 and was Fantastic. I had not seen the film before so didn't know what to expect. Sets,Lighting,Costumes are amazing. The actors working the puppets are brilliant and had me in fits of laughter in my seat. This is a show for All the Family. Get your ticket NOW!

The show is the most breathtaking show I have ever seen in the west end! I have seen it 3 times already and definately plan to see it many more times (which is completely out of character for me as I cannot stand to watch a show more than once). Simply put, the show is a masterpiece. The creative costumes cannot even be imagined.. they can only be seen to be believed and the music was sang with such feeling that it really does give you shivers down your spine. All in all... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this show!

The vocals were only 98% up to scratch throughout the first half. Except Circle of Life which sent shivers down my spine, but by the second half something happened and they were extremely powerful! I have never seen such a visually stunning show either making me gasp at all the costumes! You can NOT miss this!!

SUPERB! We had front row aisle seats which were brilliant in some ways but we did feel that we missed out on the 'overall picture' - still, a good excuse to go and see it again.

Fantastic!...a must see! It shattered all my expectations...a definate 5+++++++++!

I was bitterly disappointed with this show. The opening is amazing as are the costumes and puppets but it hasn't translated well to the stage at all. So much of it has become like a pantomime. A few other little niggles like why does Mufasa take his head off to talk to Simba in one scene?! and others. This show is about three scenes that steal the breath and the rest unamusing guff. Sorry...

Excellent!!! Ignore the other comments the only word that can describe this show is breathtaking!

Elton John and Tim Rice's trite songs are the weakest part of an extraordinary score, incorporating African rhythms and pentatonic scales to fantastic effect. (I still don't understand the Chinese music reference in the middle of 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King'..? If it ain't broke...) Great performances all round, although the show does tend to be a little overblown and embarrassing for that. However, the theatrical realization of some tricky narrative elements (Mufasa's death, the apparition of Mufasa in the stars etc etc) are brilliantly done, and retain a sense of tribal storytelling. I loved it. (A work of art? Genius? Actually, let's be real here:- No. It has flaws and suffers from being derived from so many sources.) The main let-down for me are the new Elton John songs - 'The Morning Report', 'The Madness of King Scar' & 'Chow Down'. Bad. Naughty Elton! But the other additions courtesy of Hans Zimmer and Lebo M et al are sublime, and the singing superb. [email protected]

If the Lyceum Theatre had been transformed into an art gallery then I would definatley be giving the display 5 stars, however, this is not the case. I was bitterly dissapointed with the whole show. Well, even I must conceed that the opening 'Circle of Life' was sensational; the costumes, singing, set, lighting... everything worked in harmony and sent shivers down my spine. Unfortunatley, after this, the show began on it's unfortunate death by its own sucess. The worst moments for me were the terrible death of Mufasa (the film version has me in tears - this version almost had be laughing), and the uneccessary torturing extended version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Credit to Julie Taymor though, she has some guts to put animals on a stage! Final note: don't go with such high expectations.

very good!

The show would have been fantastic - Visually stunning. No complaints about the show. However, the theatre will seat late comers. Up to a hour after the performance has started! We spent 37+GBP per seat to attended a saturday night performance and were constantly irritated by people and staff trying to sort out the seating. Huge groups of people were admited for the first 1/2 hour after the performance started (we are talking 30/40 people.....) and then people were advised to stand at the back until a scene break - but as they'd missed the first half hour they stood chating about what could be happenng without the theatre staff asking for quiet. They eventually sat down at 8:25 - almost an hour after curtain up. We were terribly disappointed. It ruined the show. If you go - get front row seats and hope that your fellow theatre goers are punctual and that the staff have been better briefed regarding letting people talk and distrub the show entirely....

The opening sequence is truely amazing and worth the entrance fee. The costumes were beautiful and timon and the wart hog are good scene stealers. A must to watch for everyone of any age. Would go to see it againa and again.

The opening of this show should actually be at the end as, for me, it was the highlight of what proved to be a very dull offering. Costumes great, performances not so.

JUST GREAT!!! its not one to miss.Within the first five mins of the show i was amased.The animals were brill.Its a show that kids would really enjoy and i WOULD go and see it again if i had the chance

An amazing spectacle. The opening five minutes takes your breath away. The animals are superbly realised. I have to say the acting and the storline veers into a big budget panto but the target audience don't seem to mind. There is enough to look at to enable you to ignore the flaws.

graet musical


This is a very good Theatrical performance. the way in which the animals are personified by the cast and the directors, is truly commendable, but still there is still a question over the quality of some of the acting, but as a musical, a heart warming and terriffic performance in the West End.

Quite simply the best musical ever. If you think animals can't be portrayed believably by actors, think again; Julie Taymor's work with the costumes is truly astonishing. The feeling, tempo and sheer genius of the original movie are all here, adapted seamlessly for the stage. Unmissable both for adults and children. This fantastic show leaves you feeling rejuvenated and wanting more!

Outstanding - a real work of art and feat of engineering. Children and adults will love it equally, but it does last three hours, so it's not for the under 8s.

Well what can one say? The costumes and scenery were incredible, so much attention to detail! The acting, singing and music was so powerful-enough to move anyone! Definately one to see-a huge thumbs up!!

I loved every minute. The costumes and music were incredible. Julie Taymor is an absolute genius. Genius.

WOW! Is the only way to describe it. I had exremely high expectations, and it exceeded them by far. The costumes and make-up, the singing, the acting, the choreography, characterisation, sets... i could go on and on, were all fantastic. Definately a must see for ALL. Well worth the money, and a great night out.

yeah, pretty good, but not worht all the hype. there are better things in the West End. And really the music's not up to much. but the costumes are very very very cool so worth paying the price for that if nothing else.

It was the best show i have ever seen, the elephants and the giraffes at the beggining were amazing, the show was just fantastic. its definately not a show to miss and if i had the money and the chance i would go again. Its effective, funny and is dfinately a show for the kids so why not pick up the phone and book your tickets now.